Top Stories: How Poor Communications Hurt Productivity and How Emoji can Help

Top Stories: How Poor Communications Hurt Productivity and How Emoji can Help

At the end of the week, do you feel like sometimes your message isn’t getting through to your team?

We got two new pieces of data in this week that suggest one, it’s not, and two (and better) there’s a way to improve it … maybe.

A new study released this week shows that 82% of employees believe their productivity is suffering due to poor communication. Specifically, this study looked at information management. And in a lot of ways, that is just as vital to your success as any face-to-face communications you have.

So how can you improve your business communication skills?

This week, we also ran an article on a recent Barry Moltz interview from the Small Business Radio Show. On the show, he speaks to an expert who suggests using emoji — that’s right, emoji — to improve your business communication today.

Check out those headlines and the rest of the week in small business news in our weekly roundup below.


Number of Businesses Bought and Sold Hit Record Level in 2018

BizBuySell started collecting the data for the number of small businesses bought and sold in a single year in 2007. And according to the company’s Annual 2018 Insight Report, it has been a record year for buying and selling a small business.


41% of New Hires Found their Positions at an Online Jobs Board

A new report is saying that almost half of people recently hired (41%) used an online job board to find work and 61% flagged automatic job alerts as helpful. What’s more, a full 14% found their present job using social media.


Bill Proposes $15 Federal Minimum Wage by 2024, How Will Your Business Cope?

House Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that raises the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2024. Small business owners have “grave concerns” over the economic impact of the bill, Job Creators Network President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz says. A $15 minimum wage could cost the U.S. around 750,000 jobs if implemented, according to Ortiz.

Small Business Operations

10 Small Steps You Can Take to Make a Big Impact on Your Business in 2019

Not every step you take to move your business forward will be a big one. But sometimes, even small steps can make a large impact on your future. Here are some recent tips and insights from members of the online small business community about big and small steps you can take to really make an impact on your business.

Social Media

Facebook Merges Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram; Will Your Marketing Be Impacted?

Exciting news. Facebook is planning on integrating the messaging services of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Integrating the Messaging Services While all three apps will continue to work as stand-alone applications, the underlying messaging infrastructure will be integrated.

Survey Reveals YouTube Most Popular Social Media Channel to Reach Generation Z

The latest survey from Visual Objects has revealed YouTube is the most popular social media platform among Generation Z. This is the coveted 18-24-year-old demographic brands want to connect with early because it can potentially translate to life-long loyalty.

Technology Trends

Infusionsoft  Rebrands as Keap With Software to Streamline Client Tasks for Small Businesses

Infusionsoft is now known as Keap. And Keap has a new smart client management software product built specifically for small businesses.

Giant Introduces Robot Greeter at Supermarkets, How Can Your Business Use Automation?

Giant Food Stores announced Monday it will be introducing “Marty,” a robotic assistant, into 172 of its stores across four states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.


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