Top Story: Small Business Owners May Be In Danger of Burning Themselves Out

Top Story: Small Business Owners May Be In Danger of Burning Themselves Out

Ask any other small business owner like yourself and they’ll say they never stop working at their business.

Turns out that’s becoming more than just a cliche.

This week, we came across new information in the MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index indicating just how much the average small business owner works in a week.

The number is not healthy, according to our report this week. In fact, working the 70 hours a week that many small business owners are logging is leading to burnout. And burnout means that while you may be putting in more hours, they may not be the most productive. Or worse, they could be to you and your business’s detriment.

One way to take some of the load off is to invest in some new technology designed to streamline your business. This week we heard from a few companies with some new tech for small businesses. You can find out more on those and what else was making headlines this week in our news and information roundup:

Marketing Tips

61% of Your Customers May Hate Your IVR

The concept of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) was first introduced in 1962. And since that time, it has evolved with new innovations. But new research from Vonage reveals 61% of consumers think IVRs make for a poor experience. This poor experience is responsible for more than half (51%) of consumers abandoning a business because of an IVR system.

Hey Marketers, Americans Still Spend 5 Hours a Day on Email

According to the 2019 “Adobe Email Usage Study,” Americans check their work email (three-plus hours a day) and personal email (two-plus hours a day). This comes out to around five hours per day checking emails. Considering the demise of email was predicted for more than a decade, the study shows people still value it.


Only 31% of Employees Get Annual Training on Cyber Security

The Chubb’s Third Annual Cyber Report reveals employee education is key for small businesses to prevent cyberattacks. Even with headline after headline about the latest data breach, people are not encouraged to defend against their cyber exposure. The goal of the report is to determine the level of understanding individuals have about their cyber risks.

Small Business Operations

Housecall Pro’s New XL Plan Introduces Updates to Its Small Business Scheduling Software

Housecall Pro, is scheduling software for home service businesses. They recently announced the new Housecall Pro’s XL Plan. It offers updated tools in sales and other places. Small Business Trends contacted Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro, to find out how this new plan helps small businesses. Heidt described what the new changes were about.

Technology Trends

Vimeo for Hire Marketplace Helps Small Businesses Find Video Creators

If you are looking for top-tier video professionals, Vimeo has just launched a new platform which offers a “For Hire” marketplace. With this new platform, you can source the best talent for your project to create videos, scripts, product explainers, VR video, 3D, animation and much, much more.

AirDroid Business Helps You Control All Your Company’s Devices

If your business is using the Android platform, AirDroid Business will help you control all your company’s devices remotely. The company says the solution it provides gives small and medium-sized businesses an alternative to enterprise-grade solutions. When a small business has to adopt an enterprise-grade solution, the benefits don’t necessarily outweigh the disadvantages.

Need a More Impressive Business Presentation? Consider a Trip to Slidetown

Small business owners give presentations regularly to meet different goals. For example, presentations can be used to inform, educate, motivate or persuade. As a result, you need to give a great presentation to leave a lasting impression. However, not all small business owners have the same success in their presentations.

Billfold Introduces Cashless Payment Bracelet to Simplify Event Management

Are you a small business that sells merchandise at events? Maybe even looking at putting together or streamlining your own event planning/organizing business? You should take a look at Billfold’s wireless point-of-sale system. This technology allows customers to buy food, drinks, and other merchandise with a wristband linked to their credit cards.

83% of Employees Use 3 or More Applications at Work

You’ll find it tough to recruit in a full employment economy. So try to embrace intelligent automation and structure proven processes to grow profitably.  Do not rely on more people to complete tasks inside your company. Instead use smart artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the many processes your small business does every day.


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