Top Story: Small Businesses Add Even MORE Jobs

Top Story: Small Businesses Add Even MORE Jobs

This week the roundup begins with the ADP National Employment Report. And according to the data, small businesses were able to create 17,000 new jobs for the month of October. Overall a total of 125,000 new jobs were created for the month.

Beyond the job report, the roundup also has some marketing tips to improve your business with a new logo, as well as lessons you can learn from the largest retail brands in Retail Trends. However, the focus is on finance, and more specifically how Kickstarter changed the way businesses look for funding.

There was a lot of skepticism when Yancey Strickler, Perry Chin, and Charles Adler founded Kickstarter in 2009. But all the naysayers are now gone as the company has helped raise more than $5 billion. And the 10+ million people who pledged those $5 billion are responsible for bringing some great ideas to life.

Whether it is Kickstarter or any of the other crowdfunding sites online, today you can find a platform to get your venture going without traditional funding. This is great news for entrepreneurs who have a great idea, but not the right access.

Check out these and many other great articles you will find on this week’s roundup addressing all things small business. Take a look at the list below and throughout Small Business Trends.


Small Businesses Add 17,000 More Jobs in October

The ADP National Employment Report says private sector employment has increased by 125,000 jobs in October. Even though this number is much lower than the numbers for October 2018, (235,000) the unemployment number is still at a 50-year low. At 3.6%, the unemployment number went up by 0.1 of a percent from September’s 3.5%.


How to Sell Your Daycare Business – or Buy One

The global market for child care services is expected to grow to $520 billion by 2022. So it may be the perfect time to jump into this industry. If you don’t want to build a brand new business from the ground up, you could purchase an existing daycare center.

How the Co-founder of Kickstarter Changed Startup Funding Forever

One of the most impactful startups of this generation for entrepreneurs has been Kickstarter. It changed how their new companies and products got funded forever. On The Small Business Radio Show this week, Yancey Strickler who is the cofounder and former CEO of Kickstarter, the mission-driven global Public Benefit Company that helped pioneer crowdsourcing.

Local Marketing

Small Business Saturday Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

Small Business Saturday is a pretty big deal in the United States.  And savvy small business people know that and leverage it.

Marketing Tips

Old Logos and New from Top Brands, What Can You Learn?

A company needs a recognizable logo. It needs it to be a consistent visual interpretation of the brand. But that doesn’t mean staying the same. Iconic brands usually go through several major updates over the decades.

Retail Trends

Success Secrets You Can Learn From Today’s Top Retailers

In the world of retail, every business must now market across both digital and physical channels. It doesn’t matter if you have a brick-and-mortar store, an e-commerce website or both. Cross-channel marketing is essential to success. The latest Sailthru Retail Personalization Index examines what it takes to succeed at cross-channel marketing.

Self Improvement Books

The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur Feeds Your Soul – And Grows Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you always face demands on your time and attention. You start each day feeling like a future titan. Then two minutes into your workday, you resemble something closer to a sooty and bruised firefighter. “This is what entrepreneurship looks like when it’s working,” you mutter.  The constant roller coaster of highs and lows both excites you and exhausts you.

Small Business Operations

Small Business Lessons from Blue Collar Millionaires

There is nothing like a great success story about starting from humble beginnings to grow and become a global brand. Growing from a blue-collar business doesn’t often happen instantly. It often requires finding your niche, a lot of hard work and a strong conviction to succeed.

Think You’re Overpaying on Business Phone Bills? Here are Ways to Reduce Them

When you get your phone bill, how do you feel? Between all the confusing charges, marketing pamphlets, return envelopes, and stamps, reading your business phone bill can be a frustrating experience for any entrepreneur.

Technology Trends

Make Your Tech-Savvy Digital Business More Efficient With These 7 Tips

Sure, things are running smoothly right now at your business. But, as any tech-savvy business owner knows, if you aren’t truly efficient, your competitors will quickly gain a competitive edge. That’s while you’re holding unproductive meetings or delaying projects because of a lack of communication, they’re growing their business.


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