Top Ten Tech Tools for 2009

What do Google Apps Premier, the Dell Mini 9 netbook computer, the CardScan business card scanner, an HP Touchsmart PC, and the iPod Touch have in common? 

They are all among my top ten picks for technology tools that the well-equipped entrepreneur should have in 2009.

Every year around this time in my Inc Technology column I choose 10 technology tools that are particularly useful for small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.  The list always includes a mix of hardware tools and software tools … inexpensive as well as premium level products.  This year’s choices start with a gadget that retails for under $10 all the way up to the stunning higher-end Touchsmart computer.  

Flip camera for tkaing video for your website

One of the items that made this year’s list is the hottest video camera around — the Flip (pictured above).  It’s small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, and comes in visually stimulating color designs to express your personality:

Flip HD Mino Video Camera Everyone from the New York Times to my video guru friend Jim Kukral is “flipping” over the Flip. It’s a very small, light, cheap camera that takes good quality video for the price (and can deliver HD output). It has a USB plug so you can plug directly into a computer to transfer the video. It even comes in a range of beautiful color combinations like pink, lime green, and black. Video is increasingly more important to have on your website to get found in search engines, and what easier way to get started creating video for your website.

Read my list at: Must Have Tech Tools for 2009.  Then tell us, what would be on YOUR top 10 list?

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