Top Ten Trends for Software Vendors

Here is another list of top ten trends predictions for 2005, this one for software vendors:

1. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) goes mainstream

2. China’s power and world economic influence grows

3. Working at home goes mainstream while small business thrives

4. Offshoring activity picks up

5. As the world shrinks, the world market expands

6. Technology stocks increase in value

7. Cell phones look more and more like PDAs and vice versa

8. Blogging and social networking become accepted business tools

9. Continued sophistication in corporate internet usage

10. Enterprises increasingly demand flexible solutions

Several of the trends on this list are related to the small business market. In fact, we have been discussing them here for the last 18 months at Small Business Trends and at TrendTracker, our sister site.

The list comes from an article at, via Neville Hobson’s commentary. Be sure to click through and read both links — lots of interesting market intelligence there.

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