Spotlight: True Friends Moving Company Makes Moving a Breeze

Only true friends will help you move. Luckily, that includes the folks at True Friends Moving Company in Nashville. The business is the product of an entrepreneur who always dreamed of business ownership – he even left behind other steady opportunities to pursue this dream. Read all about it in this week’s Small Business Spotlight below.

What the Business Does

Provides moving services.

Founder Chris Knowles told Small Business Trends, “At True Friends Moving Company, we proudly offer a wide range of packing and moving services for homeowners, business owners, renters, and seniors. Our reliable services include residential moving, commercial moving, in-home moving, senior living moving, apartment/condo moving, long-distance moving, and professional packing assistance.”

Business Niche

Providing timely and caring services.

Knowles says, “Individuals and families across Tennessee and beyond choose us over our competitors because we have earned a stellar reputation for showing up on time to appointments, eager to get to work, and assist with planning every detail of the move. Whether it’s staying within budget or providing flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy lifestyles, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers have a hassle-free experience. Not only do we provide free padding and shrink wrapping for fragile items that need to be packed and moved, but unlike other moving companies, we don’t charge extra fees if our movers have to walk up and down stairs with heavy packages or furniture.”

How the Business Got Started

To satisfy a passion for entrepreneurship.

Knowles explains, “I started True Friends Moving Company after finding myself at a crossroads: I could either take a shot and pursue my interest in owning a business, or I could keep on climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company I worked at for many years.

“After much soul searching, I realized I was more passionate about building my own company and brand than I was about working for someone else. True Friends started out with just a couple of movers and a moving truck. From that, we have built a foundation that begins with providing customer service that’s second to none. Even early on, we were hyper-focused on not just working hard to build the brand but also remain committed to providing high-quality relocation services at affordable prices. Since then, True Friends is still as dedicated as ever to upholding the standards that make us THE MOVERS of Tennessee and Florida. As they say, ‘the rest is history.’”

Biggest Win

Earning recognition as an INC 5000 Fastest-Growing Small Business.

Knowles adds, “In the last few years, even during the pandemic and hiring challenges, we have been able to maintain our growth by keeping our current staff satisfied and quickly adapting to market changes. Being able to adjust has been one of our biggest strengths. And I’m excited for what new challenges are ahead.”

Biggest Risk

Opening a second location quickly.

Knowles says, “Looking back, I feel like if we had waited a couple of more years to make sure every policy and SOP was completed first, it probably would have gone a little smoother. We took the leap thinking that it would have the same performance as Nashville. But that just wasn’t the case. We learned the hard way that running a second location had its own unique challenges. But it was also fun along the way.”

Lesson Learned


Knowles explains, “It was tough trying to hang on to everything by myself in the early days of the business. It wasn’t until I had extra help that I was able to dive into other areas of the business that needed attention.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Rewarding the team.

Knowles adds, “Given how hard my team has been hustling to help the business grow during the pandemic, I would use the extra $100,000 to distribute bonuses to all of my employees.”

Company Namesake

A friendly dog.

Knowles says, “The dog in our company’s logo is our mascot, Chopper, an English-American Bulldog mix. Unfortunately, Chopper passed away. But he lived a great life and was a loyal companion and true friend to all. Chopper used to hang around the office with us and was always ready to greet everyone with a wag of his tail. Although we miss him, we honor his life through our logo.”

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Image: True Friends Moving Company, Chris Knowles

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