New TryMyUI Mobile App Launched for Mobile Usability Testing

trymyui mobile app

The importance of having a mobile website for your business is increasing by the day. More consumers now access the internet using mobile devices instead of desktop computers. But just setting up any old mobile site isn’t enough. You likely put a lot of time and care into developing a professional and user-friendly website. So your mobile site should receive the same care and consideration.

This increase in mobile consumers means more convenient and flexible ways for customers to shop, but it also means new demands on businesses. Mobile shoppers are more impulsive, more picky, more distracted, more non-committal. Studies show that two-thirds will abandon a purchase if the shopping experience is not mobile-friendly. Mobile consumers don’t want to feel like they’re getting your cold leftovers. They won’t stick around and deal with a clunky made-for-desktop interface, they won’t wade through tons of tiny text, and they certainly won’t enter their card information if your mobile app doesn’t inspire trust and confidence. And yet, most businesses aren’t doing near enough to tailor their mobile presence to these increasingly important users.

In order to build a mobile site that is truly user-friendly, you’ll need to find out what users look for in terms of things like features and layout. For traditional websites, usability testing services like TryMyUI allow businesses to see their site from a user’s point of view. But because of the navigation style and input methods of mobile websites, it isn’t possible to do the same kind of testing on mobile devices. So far, companies have simply made due with external cameras affixed to testers’ devices to record their experiences.

However, there is one new option that gives business owners a way to test the usability of their mobile sites without any external devices getting in the way. TryMyUI is releasing a new mobile app that will allow businesses to test their UI across multiple platforms and devices. The app allows businesses to get a glimpse into the full user experience while utilizing just the tools available on mobile, and without disrupting the natural mobile experience.

The app works by recording a screencap video from users’ devices. It also captures their concerns, complaints and insights about their experience in real time using the device’s microphone. The app can show where users tapped, selected items, and swiped the screen. Businesses can even choose to record video of the tester’s face by utilizing the devices’ front facing cameras.

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StubHub’s Mobile Director Parag Vaish told TryMyUI, regarding the new app:

“This is the first mobile testing solution that really works within the parameters of the medium itself, instead of injecting a poorly-fitting foreign solution.”

Along with working within the parameters of mobile technology, the TryMyUI app is also known for its versatility. The app can test both mobile sites and other apps across various operating systems and devices. To test apps on devices operating with iOS, TryMyUI is circumventing Apple’s proscription against apps collecting information on each other by making their own app’s software kit available to insert into your code, so your app can essentially test itself. TryMyUI Co-founder Ritvij Gautam said in a statement:

“We wanted to provide an answer to testing challenges on all operating systems and for all mobile formats, and so the end product is an all-in-one, mix-and-match solution.”

Mobile technology is relatively new and constantly evolving. But it’s a medium that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. So while more and more businesses are choosing to optimize their sites for mobile devices, creating a mobile experience that is truly user-friendly is one way to make your business stand out in an increasingly mobile world.

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