Spotlight: Helena Tubridy Uses Hypnotherapy to Treat Infertility

Hypnotherapy to Treat Infertility

For couples who want to have children, the first step can sometimes be the most difficult. So who can these couples turn to when they need it? And what if traditional infertility treatments aren’t working?

That’s where Helena Tubridy comes in. Tubridy is an Ireland-based fertility specialist and author who helps people overcome infertility and similar issues by focusing on the mind. She tailors her care specifically to each patient and utilizes techniques such as hypnotherapy. Read more of her story below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does:

Provide fertility therapy, in vitro fertilization coaching and miscarriage counseling.

A qualified nurse and registered midwife, Tubridy works with people who are struggling with infertility or stress related issues one-on-one. She calls the sessions a “personal fertility bootcamp.”

She also offers assistance for things like stress, weight loss, child issues, and lifestyle issues like quitting smoking.

What’s the Business Niche:

Focusing on the mental and the physical.

Tubridy says that since the mind is so connected to the body and its functions, the mind can sometimes be a roadblock for people suffering from issues like infertility. So she utilizes methods like hypnotherapy to find natural solutions for each person.

But she says this hypnotherapy is different from its popular perception based on movies and pop culture. She said it’s a very relaxing and collaborative process. And since she works with people on an individual basis, she can tailor her care specifically to each person. She explains:

“I provide medically accurate research-based care that is unique to each person, from preconception to pregnancy to birth prep and on to post-natal depression.”

How the Business Got Started:

By observing others who used hypnotherapy.

Tubridy said that she grew up in an environment where using hypnotherapy was a normal practice. She had seen her mother use it for patients while serving at a missionary stationed in Africa.

When she grew up and became a nurse and midwife, she noticed other colleagues using the techniques successfully and decided to study it more formally.

Biggest Win:

Helping new mothers.

She explains:

“Every day I get a call or text with the magic words “I’m pregnant!” is a win for me. Pics of lovely babies make my day, too.”

She also recently published a book called Fertility in Mind: How to Succeed with IVF, which she is quite proud of:

Hypnotherapy to Treat Infertility

Lessons Learned:

Be prepared for anything.

Tubridy’s career has spanned three decades now. In that time, she’s seen just about everything, from panic attacks to treating kids with bed wetting issues. Since each person’s individual needs vary so much, so does Tubridy’s approach in each situation.

How She’d Spend an Extra $100,000:

Open a Dublin office.

She said she’d also like to invest in some camera equipment for both photos and videos, along with some possible tech training. She’s a self-proclaimed technophobe.

Hypnotherapy to Treat Infertility

If The Business Were a Song:

Happy Birthday!

Tubridy explains:

“I’m all about helping ordinary people enjoy special birthdays.”

Most Fun Experience:

Spending time in a French chatêau.

Tubridy had the pleasure of being invited to a French chateau a few years ago to prepare a client for in vitro fertilization. She even got to go back once more, she explained:

“I was invited back last year … to meet a gorgeous, perfectly bilingual little guy.”

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