Turn in That Old Computer and Protect the Environment

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HP recycling video - recycle old computer equipmentThe next time you’re thinking of throwing out old computer equipment, don’t. Consider doing something good for the planet.

HP offers a “planet partner” recycle program that recycles old computer equipment. They are recycling 4 million pounds a month.

They are accepting almost any kind of personal computing equipment: computers; laptops, scanners; copiers; fax machines; monitors; PDAs; mice, and more. There is no limit to how much you can recycle.

There’s a video that shows the recycling process from start to finish — it’s pretty interesting to see a big computer reduced to pieces the size of a thumbnail.


What I thought was especially interesting is that the machinery basically eats items up and spits out little pieces, but then separates the metal pieces from other materials (must be some sort of magnetized equipment, I’m guessing?).

While there’s no refund for recycling, HP does have a separate trade-in program. You can trade in existing equipment (even from other manufacturers) and get a credit toward purchasing new equipment.

So next time you decide to clean out the basement and get rid of that old computer from 4 years ago still down there, do something good for the planet and think about HP.


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  1. They (HP) have an active ink cartridge recycling program as well. Many cartridges now come with postage paid mailers so you can ship empty cartridges back. Or you can get shipping supplies online here:


  2. Not to sound like too much of a mac fanboy, but Apple has been doing this for quite some time. It is good to see some of the other guys taking initiative in helping out our landfills that are overflowing with year old technology though! So, muchos kudos to HP.

  3. Rich,

    Good point to add the ink cartridge recycling program. They make it so convenient by including the envelopes in with the new cartridge. It takes away any excuse the consumer can use not to recycle them.

  4. I think it’s great that any computer company is willing to recycle used computer equipment. However, HP’s trade in program looks like a nice little bonus. They may not give a large sum but for schools trading in large numbers of computers, that little bit probably helps.

  5. I agree with Amanda that the program has benefits for large corporations, schools, etc. I have two computers here now . . .guess I know what to do with them! Just kinda sad that technology moves so fast – look at all the computers that are already outdated and being junked!

  6. Leave it to HP to come up with the postage paid mailer for shipping empty cartridges back. Way to go HP…Thumbs Up!!!

  7. Small Business Marketing

    Any corporate program that recycles and reduces the quantity of potentially hazardous material that goes into our environment should be commended. I wish the automakers and the tire manufacturers would follow this example.

  8. I have been wondering what to do with a growing inventory of obsolete computers around the office. This is a great way to solve my problem and protect the planet. I suppose the materials can be recycled into other productive products. Thanks for the insight.

  9. I absolutely enjoyed reading through this specific write-up. I will be coming back to read even more interesting views. Regards.