Spotlight: Planting Seeds Tutoring Creates a Business from Helping Students

Spotlight: Tutoring Services Company Planting Seeds Tutoring Offers Personalized Help for Students

Not all students learn in the same way. So having some personalized help can be a major benefit. Planting Seeds Tutoring specializes in offering that type of personalized tutoring service — meeting students in their homes, in libraries, or even working with them online.

The company looks to build relationships and help students get excited about learning. You can find out more about the company in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a variety of tutoring services for students.

Owner Chris Jones told Small Business Trends, “Planting Seeds Tutoring provides tutoring and test prep services to students through in-home, public locations (libraries, community centers, coffee shops, etc.) and online tutoring.”

Business Niche

Building relationships with students.

Jones says, “Planting Seeds Tutoring makes students feel empowered and passionate about learning and furthering their education. In addition, we also look to build solid relationships with all our students and improve their character in and outside the classroom. Our job is to provide solid academic enrichment and quality mentorship to all students.”

How the Business Got Started

After tutoring in college.

Jones began mentoring other students when he was in college. Then he began working as a special education tutor and teacher assistant at a local elementary school, where he realized his passion for helping others learn.

Biggest Win

Seeing hard work pay off.

Jones explains, “The biggest win was getting our 1st reviews from customers after students or parents saw an increase in their overall grade and better understanding of their concepts. I was filled with an excitement after seeing our vision and potential come to light. It feels good to know you are empowering people in a positive way.”

Biggest Risk

Expanding to San Antonio and launching online tutoring.

Jones says, “We weren’t sure if we had the resources and capability to be able to make a name in the community or get noticed worldwide. Luckily, though it has been a slow process, we have been able to establish ourselves in the community and continue to keep growing. If it didn’t work out we would have taken a big hit with our resources, finances and ultimately it would have shifted our efforts and vision to a totally different market.”

Spotlight: Tutoring Services Company Planting Seeds Tutoring Offers Personalized Help for Students

Lesson Learned

Be intentional when building a hiring strategy.

Jones says, “In the early stages, we rushed to quickly to fill an open position without making sure it would be a great mesh in the long run and it hurt us tremendously. Now, we look for tutors who are knowledgeable and have the understanding of our vision. This allows more trust to be given and we are able to exceed higher expectations and goals. In addition, our clientele is more happy and willing to let others know about services freely.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Donating to a non-profit organization and expanding operations.

Jones says, “Furthermore, we would use another portion of the money for marketing purposes, updating our software and hiring more employees to help us expand throughout the U.S. We would also look at having a physical location for a tutoring center so that we can offer additional programs and activities for students to be apart of and have fun!”

Favorite Quote

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

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