Twitter Prepares for IPO, Yelp Files Suit and Instagram Grows

twitter prepares for ipo

If you missed any of the fast paced action in the world of business this week, don’t worry. As always, the Small Business Trends editorial team is hard at work. We bring you the news you need to run your business with added insight. Here are the top stories relevant to small business this week.


Social Media

The Twitter IPO is coming. Twitter recently purchased a new advertising platform. The site remains a marketing powerhouse. And the company’s plan to go public shows just how valuable that marketing machine could be.

Yelp sues law firm over reviews. If you’ve been tempted to write a fake review on your business’s Yelp page, you’d better think twice. Yelp is taking a law firm to court for allegedly doing the same. The company says it’s a breach of contract. Anita Campbell has more.

Instagram is getting bigger and bigger. The network got its start by letting people share photos with artsy filter effects. Now, it’s reached 150 million users a month. Your business probably can’t afford to ignore this channel any longer — especially if you have a very “visual” business.

Man spends $1,000 to complain on Twitter. A businessman spent more than $1,000 on promoted tweets. He used them to complain about customer service on a commercial airline. The story is instructive. Customers will even pay to have their say when something goes wrong.

Google News

Google opens a community for Adwords Express. The ad network for local businesses was designed to be as easy to use as possible. It just got even easier. Now there’s a community where you can ask all of your most important questions.

Get authorship with your Google Plus sign in. This is only available for material published on WordPress and TypePad so far. But chances are strong other platforms will be added soon. And it’s another good reason to sign up for Google Plus.


Dell prepares a new Windows tablet. The company is reintroducing its Venue series with an 8-inch tablet running Windows 8.1. The device showed up at a recent San Francisco event. Reports indicate it will be formally announced Oct. 2.

Microsoft will unveil two new tablets Monday Sept. 23, 2013. The Surface 2 will replace the Surface RT and the Surface Pro 2 will replace the Surface Pro. Microsoft cut prices on the original devices earlier this year due to poor sales. Still, the company is expected to price the Surface 2 starting at $499 and the Surface Pro 2 is expected to be $899.

And rumor has it Nokia has a tablet, too. The smartphone maker set to be acquired by Microsoft may be introducing the device at an event in late October. Little is known about the anticipated 10.1-inch machine except what has been guessed at from leaked photos on the Internet.


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