Twitter reinvents iPad App

Social media is here to stay with tools introduced regularly to enhance the experience. Large and small businesses use these tools to build branding, get their messages out inexpensively, connect with customers, and drive traffic. Here’s the latest from Twitter and beyond.

Twitter Turnaround

Tweeting in tablet form. Here is a look at the new Twitter experience for iPad. The new app features a “Discover” tab uncovering top Twitter trends and a feature that helps you easily find who’s retweeted or mentioned you. For more on features, read the full review. Wired

The bigger they come. Another major innovation changing the Twitter experience is a redesigned profile page complete with larger Facebook-esque headshot and other information designed to help your followers get more up close and personal with you, writes blogger Cendrine Marrouat.

Getting to know you. On a blog post about the redesign, product manager Sachin Agarwal says the new profile page is about empowering users. “New profiles also help you get to know people better through their pictures,” Agarwal explains. “Photo streams now appear below anyone’s most recent Tweets on iPhone, Android, and iPad.” Twitter Blog

Socially Awkward

The road to ruin. Simply deciding to use social media for your business or brand does not mean you are doing it right. In fact, there are some big mistakes even pros make when trying to create great social media engagement. Here are some things that won’t work. Communicatto

The missing link. Pierre DeBois uses a bicycle chain metaphor to explain why buying Twitter followers or Facebook fans is the worst idea for growing your business with social media. If the strength of your network is determined by the strength of these connections, a network with fake connections will be weak indeed. Zimana

The Real Deal

The shadow of a doubt. If you doubt the importance of social media to your business, look no further than some of your competitors. A recent survey indicates a third of businesses may be spending at least $845 a month on technology to manage their social media, while another third are spending more than $1,000 a month. Business Insider

What the traffic will bear. If you want to know where a full half of your small business traffic comes from, surprise, surprise, the answer is from social media again. See how the numbers break down in our post. Small Business Trends

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