Twobird from Notability Designed to Consolidate Your Email Inbox

TwoBird Consolidated Inbox

Notability, providers of productivity software for businesses and professionals, recently launched Twobird. This productivity app provides an all-purpose inbox for essential everyday tasks.

The consolidated inbox is built by the team at Ginger Labs, creators of the top-selling note-taking app, Notability. It merges reminders, notes, collaboration, and email, to create a convenient, seamless workspace for professionals.

Twobird Consolidated Inbox

Intuitive and functionable, Twobird works on the same philosophy as Notability – powerful but simple to use. With a clean design interface, the all-purpose inbox eliminates many of the unnecessary elements found in traditional email inboxes.

According to research, Americans check their work email more than three times an hour every day. Inefficient, overloaded inboxes are not conducive with productivity and business efficiency. Chaotic emails are also linked to higher workload stress. It is therefore within every business’s and professional’s interest to have an intuitive, well organized inbox to make workspaces more efficient.

Seamlessly Switch Tasks

By bringing multiple productivity necessities, including notes, communication, remind and collaboration, into one inbox, Twobird helps make switching between tasks more seamless. Subsequently, teams are empowered with greater productivity.

As Colin Gilboy, chief engineer at Ginger Labs comments:

“Twobird cam from the need for an inbox, something we check everyday, that could empower us to do more. An inbox that not only streamlines our communication, but facilitates focus, enhances collaboration, and unifies our digital lives.”

Real-Time Notes

One of the key features of Twobird is real-time notes. Teams can share a Twobird note in their inbox and bring others into the conversation.

Clutter-Free Inboxes

The reminder productivity tool enables users to set reminders on emails and or notes. Events can be created, and schedules made and viewed with an integrated calendar. With smart features including Tidy Up, Low Priority and Quick Unsubscribe, clutter is automatically cleared from the inbox.

Distraction-Free Work

Designed for carrying out work without distractions is Twobird’s clean interface. Void of distracting signatures and complex formatting, users can focus on the content of the inbox that matters. Users can also respond using ‘@mentions’ and emojis when communicating with others. Content can be read in dark or light mode, depending on personal preference.

Twobird can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store or on the Apple App Store. It is currently accessible for Gmail users around the world and will soon by available for Microsoft users.



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