20 Types of YouTube Videos to Promote Your Business

20 Types of YouTube Videos You Can Use to Promote Your Business

You can’t ignore YouTube if you’re looking to promote any type of business these days. There are 1.9 billion monthly users and over 30 million daily users. With numbers like that, you’ll want to know about the 20 types of YouTube videos you can use to promote your business.

Types of YouTube Videos

With over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, it’s no surprise that the types of content have evolved to cater to varying interests and preferences. From businesses to individual vloggers, there’s a type of video for every purpose and audience.

Whether you’re a seasoned content creator, a business aiming to expand its reach, or just an enthusiastic beginner, understanding the plethora of video types can pave the way for more strategic content creation.


types of youtube videos

These have a great impact but you need to be careful. Stay away from just having a talking head in the video. It’s best if you can show a customer using your product while they talk about it.

  • Authenticity: Choose genuine customers with relatable stories.
  • Visual Storytelling: Instead of a static talking head, include visuals of customers actively using your product.

Store Tours

These are made better when you can get the owner to provide helpful tips along the way about the goods and services. The added personal touch builds engagement.

  • Interactive Elements: Add clickable links in the video for viewers to learn more about specific products.
  • Narration: Have the owner or a knowledgeable staff member narrate to add a personal touch and insight.


Everyone likes customer reviews. They are a lot like the client testimonial versions but you need to make them more realistic. Get opinions on the street to make them even more authentic.

  • Diversity: Include a range of opinions to add credibility.
  • Realistic Settings: Capture reviews in real-life settings where the product is used.


types of youtube videos

Demonstration videos, or ‘demo’ videos, serve as visual guides, showcasing how a product or service operates or solves a particular problem. The key to an impactful demo video is deep empathy for your audience; you need to address a pain point or need they experience in their daily life.

One effective method is the “day in the life” approach, where businesses illustrate common challenges their target audience faces and demonstrate how their product or service seamlessly fits into the solution.

This relatable storytelling technique fosters a genuine connection between the brand and its viewers. A well-executed demo doesn’t just display the product but educates, reassures, and convinces potential customers of its value in their lives.

  • Problem-Solution Format: Address common challenges and demonstrate how your product solves them.
  • Clear Instructions: Ensure demonstrations are easy to follow and replicate.

Unboxing Videos

types of youtube videos

These are one of the latest ways to engage your audience. People love to watch someone else unwrap something new and these are a great vehicle for influencer marketing.

  • Influencer Collaborations: Partner with influencers to reach a wider audience.
  • First Impression Focus: Emphasize packaging and initial reactions to create excitement.

How To’s

It’s important to be specific with these ones so you’ll attract the right target market to your video.

Here are some examples:

  • Home Improvement:
    • How to Install Laminate Flooring
    • How to Paint a Room with Two Colors
    • How to Unclog a Kitchen Sink
  • Cooking:
    • How to Make Vegan Pancakes
    • How to Grill the Perfect Steak
    • How to Store Fresh Herbs
  • Tech & Gadgets:
    • How to Set Up Dual Monitors
    • How to Backup Your iPhone
    • How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard
  • Beauty & Fashion:
    • How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup
    • How to Tie a Windsor Knot
    • How to Choose the Right Foundation Shade

Creating Compelling How-To Videos

  • Target Audience Specificity: Tailor content to address the precise needs of your target demographic.
  • Step-by-Step Clarity: Break down processes into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

Shopping Sprees

Not only are these one of the most popular kinds of YouTube videos, but they work well with small business products if you can find an influencer who will highlight your goods.

  • Product Highlights: Focus on unique features of products that are not easily noticeable.
  • Influencer Match: Collaborate with influencers who resonate with your target audience.

An Introduction to Your Business

This works especially well if you’re a sole proprietor in a service industry like accounting. These also work best when they’re not overly scripted.

  • Personal Stories: Share your journey and the story behind your business to create a connection.
  • Mission Statement: Clearly articulate your business values and mission.

Explainer Videos

Animation is a great way to capture your target market’s attention . These are a popular way for your small business to explain what they do because they’re fun.

  • Animation Quality: Invest in high-quality animations to maintain viewer interest.
  • Simplicity: Keep explanations clear and avoid jargon to ensure understanding.


If you use the right keywords in the description , you’ll get people flocking to these types of videos. Limited time promotions are one of the best versions to use.  Remember to put the url in your description.

  • Urgency: Create a sense of urgency with limited-time offers.
  • Call to Action: Encourage immediate action, such as visiting your website or making a purchase.

Behind The Scenes Videos

These really foster engagement. People love when they get to peek behind the curtain and see what goes on when folks are relaxed in a work setting.  These are great for personalizing your business and giving it a face.

  • Employee Spotlight: Showcase the people behind your products or services.
  • Culture Showcase: Highlight your company culture and values.

Live Webcasts

If you’re really confident in the way things are running at your business, you can go live with a behind the scenes video. Promoting these for certain times and dates when you know your target market is online requires a little research that pays off.

  • Interactive Q&A: Encourage live interaction with a Q&A session.
  • Promotion: Promote live webcasts in advance across multiple channels.

A Series of Video Tips

These do well because they position you as an expert and put a face to what you’ve got to sell.  Remember a constant stream of content works best.

  • Regular Schedule: Publish consistently to keep your audience engaged.
  • Expertise Showcase: Demonstrate your expertise on industry-relevant topics.


These are a little different than testimonials. They can be in a newsy style with the interviewer off camera for an added touch. Asking folks on the street in front of your store what they think about your goods and services works. Don’t forget to include a call to action in your description.

  • Diverse Perspectives: Interview a variety of people, from industry experts to happy customers.
  • Engaging Questions: Ask thought-provoking questions that provide value to your audience.


Webinars on YouTube provide an excellent platform for businesses to engage with their audience on a deeper level. Typically long-form and packed with value, they offer in-depth insights or tutorials on specific subjects.

Due to their digital nature, they are cost-effective, eliminating the need for physical venues or large teams. To enhance the experience, integrating a visually compelling slideshow can keep your audience engaged.

When going live with a webinar on YouTube, it’s imperative to have a presenter who is not only knowledgeable but also possesses dynamic energy to maintain viewer interest. Ensure your topics are relevant, and consider hosting Q&A sessions to foster interactivity.

  • Value-Driven Content: Ensure your webinar provides actionable insights or solutions.
  • Follow-Up: Offer additional resources or a call to action at the end of the webinar.

Narrated Powerpoints

Narrated PowerPoint presentations bridge the gap between traditional slide presentations and video content. The simplicity of this format is its strength. By combining striking visuals with clear audio explanations, businesses can convey complex ideas with clarity.

When crafting these videos, focus on high-quality visuals and ensure your narration adds value. The message should be direct, compelling, and tied closely to the imagery displayed.

As YouTube is a visual platform, making sure your PowerPoint slides are engaging and easy to understand is crucial. Once created, simply record your screen while providing narration, and your video is ready to be uploaded and shared with your audience.

  • High-Quality Slides: Design slides that are visually appealing and easy to comprehend.
  • Engaging Narration: Use a voice that is clear, confident, and engaging.

Educational Videos

types of youtube videos

Educational videos position businesses as thought leaders in their respective industries. They are ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to showcase their expertise and establish trust.

By sharing in-depth knowledge about specific topics, businesses can attract a niche audience genuinely interested in their offerings. If executed well, and perhaps presented in a seminar-style setting where the presenter is addressing an actual audience, the credibility of the content increases manifold.

To make the most of these videos, ensure they are well-researched, professionally shot, and that they genuinely educate the viewer. Including real-life case studies, hands-on demonstrations, or expert interviews can further enhance their value.

  • Deep Dives: Offer comprehensive insights into topics relevant to your audience.
  • Visual Aids: Use graphics and charts to enhance understanding.

Comparison Videos

You might be tempted to get long winded here but don’t. The small business videos that get the best responses are three minutes or under.

  • Objective Analysis: Provide a fair and balanced comparison of products or services.
  • Clear Criteria: Establish clear criteria for comparison to guide viewers.

Staff Videos

types of youtube videos

Humanizing a brand is essential in creating trust and forming a genuine connection with your audience. Staff videos, where employees share their experiences and insights about working at a company, can provide an authentic behind-the-scenes look into the culture and values of a business.

Such videos can resonate deeply, as they showcase the real people behind a brand and their passion for their roles. A candid testimonial about why a staff member loves working in your establishment offers potential clients a glimpse into the positive environment and dedication that defines your business.

By leveraging YouTube Analytics, businesses can assess viewer engagement, discover which aspects of the video resonate most, and fine-tune their content strategy accordingly. Authentic staff videos can strengthen brand loyalty by fostering a deeper sense of connection between the audience and the brand.

  • Employee Stories: Let employees share their experiences and passion for their work.
  • Day in the Life: Offer a glimpse into a typical day at your company.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos stand as the hallmark of a company’s image, mission, and values. Unlike more casual content forms, these videos often carry the weight of presenting the brand’s ethos and long-term vision to stakeholders, partners, and potential clients.

Given their significance, it’s crucial that they are executed with utmost professionalism and quality. High production value is not just a luxury here; it’s a necessity. Investing in seasoned professionals, from scriptwriters to cinematographers, ensures that the video aligns with the company’s brand identity and communicates its message effectively.

But it’s not just about the visuals; the narrative should be meticulously crafted. Rushing through the process can lead to missed opportunities or misaligned messaging. Instead, dedicate ample time to strategizing, planning, and refining to create a corporate video that genuinely represents the brand’s essence.

  • Professional Production: Invest in high-quality video production for a polished look.
  • Brand Messaging: Clearly convey your brand’s message, vision, and values.

Types of YouTube Videos Comparison

Video TypeDescription/Key Points
TestimonialsHigh impact but needs careful execution; best to show customers using the product during the testimonial.
Store ToursEnhanced with owner’s insights and tips; a personal touch enhances engagement.
ReviewsSimilar to client testimonials but more realistic; incorporate street opinions for authenticity.
DemonstrationsVisual guides showcasing product/service utility; "Day in the life" approach adds relatability.
Unboxing VideosEngage audience through product unveiling; excellent platform for influencer marketing.
How To’sSpecificity attracts the right target audience; covers a wide range of topics from home improvement to tech.
Shopping SpreesHighly popular video type; effective with influencers highlighting specific products.
Business IntroductionSuitable for sole proprietors in service sectors; prioritize authenticity over scripting.
Explainer VideosCaptures attention with animation; provides a fun way to explain business services.
OffersDraws attention with proper keywords in description; effective with limited-time promotions and URLs in the description.
Behind The ScenesOffers viewers a genuine peek into relaxed work settings; personalizes the business.
Live WebcastsProvides a real-time behind-the-scenes view; timing and audience research are key.
Video Tips SeriesPositions the business as an expert in the field; a consistent content stream is recommended.
InterviewsDifferent from testimonials and can be done in a news-style; include a call-to-action in the description for impact.
WebinarsEngages audience with long-form, in-depth content; benefits from visuals like slideshows and energetic presenters.
Narrated PowerpointsFusion of traditional slide presentations with video; combines striking visuals with clear voice-over narration.
Educational VideosPositions the business as an industry expert; seminar-style presentations can enhance credibility.
Comparison VideosConcise and ideally kept under three minutes for optimal viewer engagement.
Staff VideosProvides a personal touch by showcasing staff experiences; offers insights into company culture and values.
Corporate VideosReflects the company's mission and image; high production value and professional touch are vital.

Tips for All Video Types

  • SEO Optimization: Use relevant keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags to improve discoverability.
  • Engagement: Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your videos.
  • Analytics: Regularly review YouTube analytics to understand viewer behavior and refine your strategy.

Get Started Today

Navigating the world of YouTube content can seem overwhelming with its vast array of video types. But by understanding and leveraging the right kind for your needs, you’re well on your way to making a meaningful connection with your audience.


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