U.S. Senate Strikes Deal to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

Happy 2013! With the arrival of the New Year comes news of a U.S. Senate vote to avert the looming “fiscal cliff”.  Both the cliff and the new stopgap measure have been a focus for many in the small business and entrepreneur community. We’ll also take a brief look forward at some of the other issues important to business leaders moving into the New Year.

Forward Motion

Strike a deal. Business owners and entrepreneurs have been understandably apprehensive about the looming fiscal cliff coming at the end of 2012, with automatic tax increases and other worrisome issues. But the stopgap agreement approved by the Senate in the predawn hours raises a different set of concerns if it is approved by legislators later this week. Tax increases for earners making $400,000 or more may have an impact on some business owners and entrepreneurs. The New York Times

Look for the signs. This will be the year for a rebirth in business social media and a boost in entrepreneurship, says one marketing strategist and speaker. In this 35 minute video and accompanying blog post, we see some bold predictions, with broad implications for business leaders of all kinds. A new way to look at social media will emerge, including the realization that these channels are more useful for networking than for sales. Meanwhile, small mom and pop entrepreneurship will rebound even as VC fueled startups falter. Conrad Flynn

Better Resources

Watch for new tools. Samsung’s move into the mobile market has been well-publicized. Now the Korean-based electronics manufacturer is expected to introduce smartphones based on the Tizen open source mobile operating system. The move represents a diversification for the company already known for its mobile devices using Google’s Android operating system. The company also plans Windows Phone devices in the future, meaning ever increasing options for mobile business. The Next Web

Beef up your blog. If you have a blog for your business already or are just starting one, this is an excellent time to either come up with some new resolutions to take your efforts to the next level, or plan ahead for what you hope to accomplish with your new business blog in the New Year. Lorna Sixsmith gives you some tips, including looking at your goals and objectives, examining topics, avoiding writer’s block, optimizing your site, and improving the quality of photos and other content. Write on Track

Better Decisions

Focus on hiring. If you’re anxious about the economic future of your company in 2013, perhaps you should consider a new approach. Instead of looking at the glass as half empty, consider a half full perspective, suggests Warren Rutherford of Executive Suite, a company providing leadership coaching and executive recruitment. Focus on the opportunities presented by hiring new talent in the new year. Consider what new hires may offer your company in terms of growth. Tweak Your Biz

Work for change. If you want your business to be different in 2013, you will need to work for that change. Start by thinking of what you hope to change about your business in the New Year. To get started, follow these suggestions to help you realistically make a difference in your business, says Jennifer Warawa, senior director of partner programs at Sage, a leading provider of North American small business accounting services. Virgin.com

Start the New Year strong. To close the old year and start the new one strong, here are seven questions to ask about your business, says business and career branding consultant Deborah Shane. These questions look carefully not only at where you are going and how you want your business to change, but also at where your business is now. Ask yourself how well your business is working, how well your relationships are going, and how you want your marketing and branding to change in the coming year. Small Business Trends


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