Uber Updates Safety Toolkit for Riders

uber updates safety toolkit

Uber has updated the Safety Toolkit for passengers, so it now has a Live Help option among its many other safety features, which have been redesigned to make them easier to access quickly.

Uber Updates Safety Toolkit for Riders

The Live Help is available through ADT, with support from an ADT safety expert able to be accessed via phone or text, with a live safety agent from ADT also contactable through the new Safety Toolkit. The new feature joins the in-app emergency button and journey status-sharing function.

Reporting Uber Incidents

There are now more than ten ways to report a safety incident to Uber, though the firm do point out that their Safety Reports show that the vast majority of journeys on the Uber platform end without incident. The report function is there for anyone using Uber that is made to feel uncomfortable or needs assistance during their journey.

The Text 911 feature has also been expanded to cover nearly 60% of the United States, including California and New York City.

Live Help for ‘Less Critical’ Assistance

In a statement on the Uber website, the firm explained why they have introduced the Live Help feature, saying: “Not every situation rises to the level of an emergency, and users have asked us for an option for those less critical moments that don’t require police, fire, or medical assistance. We’ve partnered with ADT, America’s most trusted home security brand, to bring our users the support of an ADT safety expert. Users nationwide can now get help, via phone or text, from a live safety agent from ADT in the new safety toolkit.”

How Uber Live Help Works

When a call or text exchange is requested, the ADT agent can monitor an ongoing Uber journey. They can then stay in contact throughout the duration of the journey, and even reach out to 911 on the user’s behalf with key details such as the vehicle’s make and model, license plate number and GPS location.

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