25 Best Unboxing Videos and How to Create Your Own Masterpiece

unboxing videos

Unboxing videos showcase people opening up products or packages and providing their first impressions for viewers. Content creators can use these videos as a way to appeal to potential viewers and earn money through ad revenue or brand partnerships. And small product businesses should also be aware of unboxing videos since they may provide the basis for influencer marketing campaigns with relevant video creators. Here are some examples and a guide to unboxing videos for creators and brands.

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What is an Unboxing Video and Why Are They Good for Businesses?

Unboxing videos show an influencer opening up a product or series of products and showcasing each item. The first videos in this category were posted in the early days of YouTube, around 2006. Initially, they were mainly popular with fashion items and tech. But now, people watch videos of a huge array of products, from toys to cosmetics.

Potential customers enjoy watching these videos for ideas on new products or to see specific items in action. So content creators can use these videos to increase engagement, while brands can use them to increase brand awareness and bring in sales.

Selecting the Best Unboxing Videos: Our Methodology

Creating a methodology to evaluate the best unboxing videos involves considering a blend of entertainment value, informational content, and production quality. Here’s how we assess unboxing videos, using a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important:

  1. Presentation and Clarity (5/5):
    • Clear visuals and close-ups of the product
    • Logical sequence of unboxing and showcasing features
    • Clarity of narration or explanation
  2. Engagement and Entertainment Value (5/5):
    • Host’s charisma and ability to engage viewers
    • Balance of entertainment and information
    • Viewer engagement metrics (likes, shares, comments)
  3. Informational Content (4/5):
    • Depth of information about the product
    • Accuracy of details provided
    • Useful tips or insights not found in standard product descriptions
  4. Production Quality (4/5):
    • Video and audio clarity
    • Professional editing and pacing
    • Use of multiple camera angles and lighting
  5. Authenticity and Credibility (5/5):
    • Transparency about sponsorships or partnerships
    • Genuine reactions and unbiased opinions
    • Reputation of the creator for honest reviews
  6. Viewer Interaction (3/5):
    • Responsiveness to viewer comments and questions
    • Encouragement of community discussion
    • Follow-up content based on viewer feedback
  7. Creativity and Uniqueness (4/5):
    • Originality in presentation or format
    • Unique insights or angles not covered by others
    • Distinctive branding or thematic elements
  8. Call-to-Action and Additional Resources (3/5):
    • Provision of links to further product information or purchasing
    • Clear and appropriate call-to-action
    • Additional content like follow-up reviews or tutorials
  9. SEO and Discoverability (3/5):
    • Video title, tags, and description for search optimization
    • Accessibility to a broad audience
    • Cross-promotion on other social media platforms
  10. Audience Demographics (3/5):
    • Suitability of content for target audience
    • Alignment with audience preferences and interests
    • Demographic reach and diversity

By carefully rating unboxing videos against these criteria, we aim to highlight creators who not only showcase products effectively but also add value for viewers through engaging and trustworthy content.

25 Popular Unboxing Videos to Inspire Your Own

If you’re looking for popular videos to inspire your own YouTube creations or brand partnerships, here are 25 examples to guide you.

1. Huge PR Unboxing

This unboxing video from Laura Lee includes many boxes of products provided by PR companies. She offers quick first impressions of various items and provides links and discount codes in the description for those interested in learning more.

2. Unboxing 45 New Blind Bags! Huge Unboxing Party

Unboxing toys is one of the most popular niches in this category. This video from Cupcake Squad showcases mystery eggs and blind bags that offer surprise products.

3. Google Pixel 7A Review: New Price!

This review video from Marques Brownlee includes a quick unboxing of the new Google Pixel 7A mixed with a first-impression review.

4. Extreme Unboxing: They Paid $1,650 for a $9,500 Mystery Pallet

This mystery pallet unboxing comes from the A&E show Extreme Unboxing, where people unbox mystery items bought sight unseen. It has high production quality and provides tons of entertainment value.

5. Monthly Subscription Boxes – April 2023 | Mega Unboxing of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are perfect for this genre because there’s usually a general theme of the items, but still an element of surprise. This one features a monthly haul from The Pink Envelope.

6. Luxury Haul – Unboxing Dior, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Burberry 2022

Part of the fun of unboxing videos is getting to live vicariously through the creator, who may be opening luxury goods you’d never buy yourself. Such is the case with this luxury fashion haul from Lyena Sky.

7. Stay Matte All Day with Dior Beauty Unboxing & Review + New Promo Codes Included

Beauty is another fun category for unboxing videos. In this haul, Fifi’s Corner shares the unboxing and a quick review of various items.

8. ASMR – FFF Summer Unboxing!

This ASMR unboxing video from Soft ASMR features a summer subscription box from FabFitFun. Part of the appeal of some videos is the calming element, with high production quality and unique sounds and visuals.

9. MacBook Air M2 (Midnight) Unboxing – ASMR

This video of a MacBook Air unboxing from Dr Debox provides another style of ASMR unboxing. Instead of talking through the video, the viewer simply sees and hears the process of the packaging being opened.

Unboxing Videos

10. Unboxing a $250,000 Sneaker Mystery Box (First Ever)

This video from Harrison Nevel includes multiple features that make this genre popular — mystery and luxury goods, culminating in an entertaining and engaging experience.

11. Best Game of 2023? Unboxing Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (everything)

Gaming is one of the top categories on YouTube. This video from TheRelaxingEnd shows the unboxing of a collector’s edition game with tons of fun extras that gamers may love to view up close.

12. I Bought 200 Lost Mail Packages

This video from HopeScope features an unboxing of lost mail packages. Since she and the viewers don’t know what products are included, there’s a fun element of surprise for everyone. It’s also informational for those interested in trying this option.

13. My Massive Tech Unboxing 51.0 (We’re Back!)

This tech unboxing video from UrAvgConsumer includes a variety of tech products that may interest consumers. There’s an informational element to the content for those interested in investing in new products.

14. Huge Online Shopping Unboxing at 5 AM

Most people can relate to buying too much while online shopping. So this video from Mai Pham is both intriguing and relatable.

15. New Beats Studio Buds + (Unboxing & Review!)

This video from UrAvgConsumer about the new Beats Studio Buds combines an unboxing and review of a popular new product. So it’s both interactive and informative.

Unboxing Videos

16. Amazon Mystery Box Unboxing

Amazon Mystery Boxes are ideal for unboxing, because anything can be inside. This video comes from Casey Holmes.

17. They Made an Actual ASMR Toy – Let’s Try It!

This video from Gibi ASMR showcases a toy with ASMR features. So it includes two major draws for this type of video.

18. I Tried TEMU Art Supplies…Isn’t It Just a WISH?

This video from Chloe Rose Art includes products from a popular site, which consumers may wonder about.

19. Unboxing Barbie Color Reveal Scented Sweet Fruit Series

Since toys are a popular subject for these videos, this one from Cupcake Squad is popular due to it featuring a popular new product line.

20. Digital Cyberpunk Macro Pad to Control Your PC Cololight ColoPlay Unboxing & Demo

With tech products, it’s helpful to feature a short demo along with the unboxing, like this one from Astronuggie that gives an informative look.

21. Vlog 95: Come Shopping with Me, Unboxing & New Hair

This video from Georg White is a vlog format that also includes an unboxing. This is an engaging and interactive format for viewers who want to feel like they’re along for the ride.

22. Massive Unboxing! A Whole Month of Boxes!! | 5 March Boxes & Try-On

With clothing items, including a try-on with an unboxing video, like this one from Alexandria Ryan, provides more value for viewers.

23. Nelly ASMR Personal Care & Attention – Special World Cup Sticker Album Edition

Collector edition products are especially popular with viewers, like this video from Ecuador Live.

24. Shopping for Viral TikTok Makeup + Skincare

There are many viral products on TikTok that can make great subjects for unboxing videos. This one includes makeup and comes from Mai Pham.

25. I Ordered Nostalgic Toys, Candies, & Collectibles from the Early 2000s

This video from PurpleStars02 goes with a general early 2000s theme. So it includes a wide array of products that may be entertaining for those who lived through this era to revisit.

How to Make a Product Unboxing Video: Tips for Success

Once you’ve gathered inspiration, here are some tips to help you create your own review videos.

Choose the Right Product to Make the Most of The Unboxing Trend

Select products in your niche that are especially popular, interesting, or unique to draw in viewers.

Invest in Quality Equipment to Create Unboxing Videos

Invest in a quality video camera, ring light, and audio equipment to produce professional-looking videos.

Plan Your Video

Before filming, write a script or outline for your video. Then practice your delivery and set a scene around your home or office with a plain background so your products can shine.

Edit for Impact

After filming, remove unnecessary footage, add music or captions, and brand your video to create a polished product.

Promote Your Unboxing Video

Once you’ve published your unboxing video, post links to social media, partner with relevant influencers, and add tags and captions to make the video easy to find on search engines.

Choose the Right ProductDraw in viewers by selecting popular, interesting, or unique products- Increased viewer engagement
- Targeted appeal to your niche audience
Invest in Quality EquipmentEnsure professional-looking videos with high video and audio quality- Enhanced production value
- Improved viewer experience
Plan Your VideoPrepare a script or outline, practice delivery, and set a scene- Structured and well-presented content
- Highlight the product and create an engaging atmosphere
Edit for ImpactRemove unnecessary footage, add music or captions, and brand the video- Polished and visually appealing final product
- Enhanced storytelling and viewer engagement
Promote Your Unboxing VideoShare links on social media, collaborate with influencers- Increased visibility and reach
- Improved search engine discoverability with tags and captions

What Type of Products Are Best for Unboxing Videos?

unboxing videos

Popular unboxing categories include a wide range of products that captivate viewers and offer value through first impressions and up-close details. Creators often find success in these categories due to the excitement and anticipation they generate among viewers. Some popular categories for unboxing videos include:

  • Toys: Unboxing new and popular toys, including action figures, collectibles, and board games, allows creators to showcase the packaging, features, and playability of these items, appealing to both children and nostalgic adults.
  • Tech Products: Unboxing the latest gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or headphones, gives viewers an inside look at the product’s design, accessories, and functionality, helping them make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Surprise Eggs: Unboxing surprise eggs or blind bags that contain hidden toys, figurines, or trading cards creates a sense of anticipation and surprise, as viewers discover the contents alongside the creator.
  • Beauty Products: Unboxing beauty subscription boxes, makeup collections, or skincare sets offers viewers the chance to see new products, swatches, and the creators’ initial impressions, helping them explore and decide on potential purchases.
  • Subscription Boxes: Unboxing subscription boxes from various niches, such as food, fashion, or lifestyle, allows creators to showcase the curated items, unique themes, and overall value of these monthly or quarterly subscriptions.
  • Limited Edition Items: Unboxing limited edition or exclusive items, whether they are sneakers, fashion collaborations, or special edition collectibles, provides viewers with a close look at rare and sought-after products that they might not have access to themselves.

By focusing on these popular unboxing categories, creators can tap into the interests and curiosity of viewers, offering unique perspectives and insights into the products they unbox. This fosters engagement, builds a loyal following, and establishes credibility as a trusted source for product recommendations and reviews.

FAQs: Unboxing Videos

Unboxing Videos

Why are unboxing videos on Youtube so popular?

People enjoy unboxing videos because they satisfy a sense of curiosity when a unique or surprising product is revealed. And they allow people to live vicariously through their favorite content creators.

How can unboxing videos help my business?

Creating unboxing videos or partnering with content creators who make them can help businesses increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Ultimately, these factors help drive sales over time.

What type of products are best for unboxing videos?

Popular products for unboxing videos include tech gadgets, beauty products, subscription boxes, limited edition items, and surprise boxes or grab bags.

How long should my unboxing video be?

Unboxing videos should be long enough to provide valuable information and engage with your audience, but short enough to hold their attention for the entire video. This may vary slightly by niche, but tends to fall between five and ten minutes.

What platforms are best for sharing unboxing videos?

YouTube is the most popular platform for unboxing videos, but they are also popular on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Short videos tend to do best on social media. Consider the target audience for your video before choosing the best platform.

Who is the most Well Known Unboxer?

Lewis Hilsenteger is one of the biggest names in Unboxing. His YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, has over 18 million subscribers and 4 billion views.

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