15 Upcycled Drawers Ideas to Make and Sell

upcycled drawers ideas

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Upcycled furniture projects continue to trend among new small business owners. As the demand for sustainable, repurposed decor rises, so do the opportunities for artists and craftspeople to make and sell their creations.

Practically anything can be repurposed, including upcycled drawers from old furniture like dressers, desks, tables, an old chest and other discarded items. All you need to start selling your designs are some upcycled drawers ideas and a few basic supplies.

What Can You Do with Old Drawers?

What can you do with old drawers? A more appropriate question might be, what can’t you do with old drawers? Options for upcycling drawers are only limited by your imagination and inspiration. Old drawers can be upcycled to other stylish storage solutions, or they can be repurposed and serve an entirely new function. For a successful small business, you can specialize in a single style of upcycled drawer, or you can create a vast inventory full of creative ideas for old drawers.

15 Upcycled Drawer Projects to Make and Sell

Ready to start upcycling drawers to sell? You’ll want some repurposed drawer ideas to get started. Consider creating upcycled drawers similar to the following:

1. Under Bed Storage Solutions


image: Deavita

Upcycled drawers can be used to create plenty of storage space by transforming them into under-bed solutions. In the above example, Deavita shows us how to attach wheels to the bottoms of a series of drawers so they easily slide in and out from beneath the bed.

2. Floating Shelves


image: Organized Clutter

Floating shelves are an awesome idea for gifts, and they easily can be created by upcycling old drawers. Just flip the drawer on its side and decorate the inside to match any decorative scheme, then hang the repurposed drawer on the wall as an adorable floating shelf, adorned with keepsakes and knick knacks.

3. Drawer Bookshelf


image: Recreated Designs

A group of old wooden drawers can be repurposed into beautiful furniture for any home or office. In the above example, Recreated Designs explains how to upcycle old drawers with basic tools and a fresh coat of paint. No one will ever guess the unique creation started life as a set of drawers.

4. Bar Cart


image: Anika’s DIY Life

Plenty of creative ideas are available for upcycling drawers. Would you have thought about repurposing old drawers as a stylish bar cart? Anika’s DIY Life provides instruction on creating the repurposed bar cart out of upcycled drawers, as in the example above. Not only does the project create an attractive piece of furniture, but it also offers more storage space at the same time.

5. Chalkboard


image: Home Road

With some basic craft materials, an old drawer can be transformed into a convenient chalkboard, perfect for hanging on the wall of an office, kitchen or playroom. Just empty the old drawer, paint the inside with chalkboard paint, and hang your creation for style and function.

6. Cubby Organizer


image: My Repurposed Life

How much more storage space can you create with old wooden drawers? With some small boards, fresh paint and basic tools, you can transform an old drawer into a cubby-filled storage unit, such as in the example above from My Repurposed Life.

7. Plant Stand


image: Happy Together by Jess

Planters are a popular way to upcycled drawers from an old dresser. Whether designed for outdoor or indoor use, a fresh coat of paint and some basic materials can work wonders in repurposing old drawers as plant stands. In the above example, Happy Together by Jess provides instruction on upcycling a drawer as a stylish yet practical wood repurposed planter.

8. Sandwich Station


image: Curbly

Looking for extra creative ways to repurpose old drawers? Why not convert a dresser drawer into a hanging sandwich station like in the above example from Curbly. You’ll need some basic supplies and tools, but your unique creation will be a sure sale for your new small business.

9. Dog Bed


image: DIY Showoff

Depending on its size, an old drawer might be the perfect fit to create a functional dog bed. You’ll need little more than a fresh coat of paint, then fill the drawer with a dog mattress or bedding. In the above example, DIY Showoff demonstrates just how to transform a dresser drawer into a high-end dog bed, while having fun at the same time.

10. Jewelry Organizer


image: A Time for Everything

An old drawer can be repurposed as simple and stylish jewelry storage by flipping it on its side. Gather some basic materials to create pegs and storage compartments, such as in the above example from A Time for Everything. Some fresh paint will offer a new lease on life to the upcycled drawer, which can hang on the wall of a bedroom or bathroom.

11. Ottoman


image: Diary of a Crafty Lady 

The ways to repurpose old dresser drawers are truly only limited by your inspiration. In this example from Diary of a Crafty Lady, the artist upcycled an old drawer as an ottoman, perfect for relaxation, style and storage. Check out simple steps for a better idea of how to recycle your old drawers as functional furniture.

12. Craft Paint Storage


image: Sadie’s Season Goods 

Artists and craftspeople are always looking for new ways to store their supplies. An old dresser drawer can be upcycled into useful and convenient storage for paints and other craft supplies. Just add some small strips of wood for shelves and a fresh coat of paint. Check out the how-to from Sadie’s Season Goods above.

13. End Table


image: My Ideal Home

Old drawers can be converted into a variety of upcycled furniture designs and serve all sorts of functions. In the above example from My Ideal Home, the designer provides the steps to repurpose an old drawer as a rolling end table complete with storage solutions.

14. Fairy Garden


image: The Homespun Hydrangea

Fairy Gardens are all the rage among outdoor enthusiasts, gardeners and hobbyists alike, and repurposing old drawers in this manner is a creative way to launch a successful small business. Check out the instructions from The Homespun Hydrangea on how to upcycle dresser drawers as fairy gardens like the creation pictured above.

15. Holiday Decor

holiday decor


image: Doodlebugs

Plenty of artists and craftspeople have launched successful small businesses specializing in holiday decor, and upcycled drawers transform into beautiful and one-of-a-kind decorations. Endless options are available to decorate upcycled dresser drawers, chest drawers and even cabinet drawers with festive holiday designs, such as in the example above from Doodlebugs.

How to Get Started Upcycling Drawers

You can find old drawers in a variety of locations. People are always discarding old dressers, desks and tables at yard sales, thrift stores and even on the curb, and the drawers are often in fine shape compared to other parts of the structures. Sometimes a resale shop will even sell individual drawers from old broken furniture for a dollar or two apiece.

Of course, you don’t need a vast inventory to launch your small business. Start off with a small investment of a couple of drawers and the supplies you need to upcycle them. Then, as you sell your creation, reinvest the profits to expand your inventory. Before you know it, you’ll be making a significant profit from your repurposed drawer ideas. You might even have some fun in the process.

Where to Sell Upcycled Drawers

Once you’ve established some inventory of upcycled drawer creations, it’s time to sell your designs. Where will you sell your repurposed drawers? You can learn where to sell handmade items locally, or you can research how to start a small business on Etsy and how to sell on Amazon Handmade.

Of course, you can always open your own store with an entire showroom full of upcycled furniture and repurposed drawers, but most new small business owners will start on a smaller scale, including:

  • Online marketplaces like Etsy, a popular e-commerce platform where people buy and sell crafts and handmade items.
  • Amazon Handmade, a community within the e-commerce giant’s platform where artists and craftspeople sell their unique and one-of-a-kind creations.
  • Locally at flea markets, used furniture stores and consignment shops, as well as crafts fairs and festivals.
  • Other online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace.

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