UPshow Promises More Engaged Customers for Restaurants and Sports Bars

Now bars and restaurant owners can use their smartphones to customize and control the messages patrons see on in-house TV screens. UpShow is the newest innovation in interactive marketing.

Small Business Trends contacted John Kirk, COO, Joe Hand Promotions, to learn more.

“UpShow transforms TV screens into an engaging digital experience,” he writes. “It provides venues with the opportunity to engage customers with entertaining content, drive interest to key revenue drivers, as well as providing the option to stream live sports events (UFC, etc.)”

UpShow Providing Customer Engagement Tools for Sports Bars and Restaurants

It offers several channels. These include sports highlights, betting information and trivia. Add in some funny videos, interactive social media walls, and spotlight promotions, too. These focus on menus and entertainment.

Kirk explains how it works.

“UpShow is very manageable,” he says. “ A small streaming device is shipped to your business. That’s what powers  it. The device is plugged into a TV. By logging into the UpShow Manager, a bar or restaurant can create custom content. The UpShow mobile app or a laptop manages the content.”

Promote Engagement

The product does several things to promote engagement and drive sales. UpShow keeps customers under your roof longer and serves them content they want to see. It gets people to come back to your bar or restaurant. UpShow accomplishes that by encouraging loyalty app downloads and promoting entertainment and specials.

It encourages people to stay longer and spend more. Best of all, it’s customizable.

“Several TVs can play the content,” Kirk says.

Video Clips

Short video clips and food and beverage shots are included. Upcoming events can be screened. He also shared one important technical aspect.

“QR codes are also a big part of UpShow’s promotional plan. These advertise contactless promotions and drive loyalty reward app downloads. QR codes are good for hosting a live event. They allow fans to buy seats in advance.”

These usually store URLs or other information for reading by a smartphone’s camera.

Other Things

Here’s some of the other things small businesses need to know about this custom in-store  product. The device comes pre-loaded with content geared to your location and business needs.

“It can add promotions,” Kirk says.   “The cost to implement UpShow varies depending on a businesses’ wants and needs. The Standard UpShow Only package starts at $95 per month.”

The product works well for bars and restaurants. Gyms and fitness centers and healthcare facilities can get something from it too.

Kirk highlights how it helps business foster the engagement that drives sales.

“UpShow encourages repeat visits and more meaningful interactions with a venue’s brand by delivering tailor-made promotions to its customers.”

Interested?  Learn more about UpShow here.

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