Upwork Launches New AI Innovations and Solutions for Easier Hiring and Working


Upwork announced a new set of tools and partnerships designed to transform how companies and freelancers hire and work. This announcement was made during the first edition of Upwork Updates: Spring 2024, a semi-annual product showcase.

The highlight of this Spring’s update is Uma, the new AI developed by Upwork. Built on advanced language models and enhanced with data from Upwork’s platform, Uma is designed to streamline the hiring and collaboration processes, helping businesses and freelancers find each other, get started, and achieve better work outcomes.

New features powered by Uma include Best Match insights, now available in beta. This tool aids businesses in swiftly identifying the most suitable candidates for their projects by providing insights such as top proposals, client reviews, and alignment with job requirements.

Uma also enhances existing tools like the Job Post Generator, Proposal Tips, and Upwork Chat Pro. These AI-driven features are designed to assist clients in hiring freelancers more effectively and help freelancers secure more projects and work more efficiently.

Increasingly, Uma acts as a conversational aide to both clients and freelancers on Upwork. Currently rolling out on the Upwork homepage, Uma is set to become a continuous, intelligent partner throughout users’ experiences on the platform.

Upwork also introduced new resources to help freelancers stand out, secure jobs, and deliver exceptional work:

Freelancer Plus, Upwork’s subscription service for freelancers, now includes exclusive access to Upwork Chat Pro, powered by Uma, helping professionals enhance their efficiency and business growth. Boosted Profiles increase freelancers’ visibility, offering more opportunities to engage in work they love. Portfolio, currently in beta, provides an enhanced way for freelancers to showcase their work effectively on their profile pages. Upwork Coaching Services, available through Upwork Academy, support freelancers in optimizing their appeal to potential clients. New partnerships with leading third-party apps and services like GoDaddy, Dropbox, Notion, and iStock by Getty Images equip freelancers with state-of-the-art tools to produce their best work. Expanded Access for Businesses

For businesses, there are new options to connect with expert freelancers quickly.

Instant consultations allow businesses to receive expert advice within minutes, speeding up project initiation and completion. The Upwork Partner Experts program now includes GoDaddy, BigCommerce, and Constant Contact, offering direct access to trusted freelancers skilled in specific technologies.

Image: Upwork

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