How Small Businesses Can Use Marketplaces to Find Customers

using marketplaces to find customers

Many entrepreneurs and startups make the same mistake; they believe if they build a superior product,  people will come to their website and buy it. It doesn’t really happen that way. Every small business owner needs a “go to market strategy” to figure out how they are going to get in front of the people that have the pain that their product solves.

This week on The Small Business Radio Show, I talked with Adam Ireland, vice president and general manager of eBay US on how marketplaces can help small business owners do exactly this and can be a big part of their “go to market strategy”. He has over 11 years of experience at eBay in various capacities. Adam aims to build strong connections with eBay sellers and maintain eBay’s dedication to listening to seller needs and championing their business growth.

Here is what we discussed on the radio show about marketplaces and how they can help small businesses grow:

  1. Why does it make sense for enthusiast entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow their businesses on a marketplace like eBay? What challenges are impacting small businesses today and how can the power of an e-commerce marketplace help them drive business and stay competitive?
  2. A lot of people can start a business. Where they face challenges is in shifting to a growth strategy. How can a marketplace enable growth for the immediate and long term?
  3. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses with emerging technologies? How can Generative AI technologies like ChatGPT play a role in what’s next in their growth?
  4. How can small businesses begin the journey towards digital growth and what considerations should they think of when making sure to choose the right partner on their business journey with their company?

Listen to the entire episode on how small business owners can take advantage of marketplaces.

Image: Adam Ireland

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  1. I work with a good size ecommerce business and they use Amazon and now Walmart. These marketplaces can do some serious volume.

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