Verisign’s #InternetOfficial Contest has a Winner

Verisign’s #InternetOfficial Contest has a Winner

Verisign’s #InternetOfficial contest has an official winner. Congratulations to for snagging the grand prize!

Here’s a brief video overview:

The winning entry was submitted by New York-based Kate K. Kate’s blog, started with her two children, was inspired by the goal to get kids cooking and sharing food with family and friends.

Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell joined a panel of five industry judges to help select the first ever #InternetOfficial winner. Campbell stated:

If you think every good domain name is taken, think again. These contestants managed to find great domain names available….I had a blast participating as one of the judges in this contest.  It was so much fun to evaluate so many creative entries. So many were so good, it made the decision process very very tough for anyone looking at them.

The family’s original domain name,, aimed to evoke just what the site is all about and earned the $30,000 grand prize.

On their blog, Kate K. and her children wrote that they plan to donate a third of their winnings to Action Against Hunger, ACF International. They stated their family was lucky enough to have plenty of food so they wanted to give to those who were not.

#InternetOfficial challenged contestants to submit the most descriptive, memorable and original new .COM domain name. Verisign stated in the winner announcement:

It was exciting to see all of the creative .COM domain names submitted by our entrants, as well as the unique, entrepreneurial drive that is embodied within many of the submissions. You voted and voted, so a big thank you to all who took the time to cast their votes day in and day out, as well as a thank you to those who submitted their most descriptive, memorable and original .COM domain names.

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  1. Congratulations of for a well-deserved win. I love that they help fight hunger on the world. Very creative and their advocacy is amazing. I support them and their work.