Verizon Business Launches Complete Smartphone Management Solution for Enterprises


Verizon Business has unveiled a new end-to-end smartphone management solution for midsize businesses and enterprises. This solution, Verizon Business Complete, is unique in the U.S. market for offering comprehensive smartphone management, including shipping, setup, replacement, and recycling, all for a predictable monthly price. This service is designed to ease the complexity of managing business smartphones, providing peace of mind for business owners and IT teams.

Smartphone management can be particularly challenging for midsize and enterprise businesses, which often operate outside traditional office settings. Verizon Business Complete addresses these challenges by offering flexibility, scale, and support for businesses. This service is timely, as many businesses are transitioning towards employer-provided devices. According to a white paper co-authored with Oxford Economics, more than half of the surveyed businesses that currently use a “bring your own device” approach plan to provide devices to employees soon. This shift is motivated by the desire for better security, easier management, and improved productivity.

The costs associated with supplying and managing devices can be significant, whether the devices are personal or company-provided. Additionally, IT teams face increasing pressure to support the workforce while managing device-related tasks. Verizon Business Complete alleviates these burdens by offering a seamless end-to-end solution on Verizon’s 5G network. This operational expenditure solution eliminates the need for upfront capital investment, giving businesses more flexibility in procuring and provisioning smartphones.

Verizon Business Complete enables IT departments to focus on digital transformation, incorporating technologies like GenAI and strengthening cybersecurity defenses. Iris Meijer, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Verizon Business, stated, “Verizon Business Complete enables IT teams to offload smartphone management and administration and focus on higher-order opportunities.”

Key features of Verizon Business Complete include:

  • Shipping: Welcome kits, including smartphones and accessories like wall chargers and screen protectors, are shipped directly to employees.
  • Setup: Employees receive assistance with device setup.
  • Management: The service includes Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) for tracking and controlling mobile devices and applications, prioritizing security.
  • Repair & Replacement: Optional insurance covers loss, theft, and damage, with same-day device replacement based on location and inventory, and unlimited cracked screen repairs.
  • Upgrade & Recycling: Devices can be upgraded every 24 months, and Verizon handles the retrieval and recycling of old devices.

This comprehensive management solution ensures that smartphones are properly managed from procurement to disposal, aligning with sustainability goals. Businesses can purchase Verizon Business Complete by accepting a month-to-month agreement, with the flexibility to add or remove devices as needed. Pricing is based on the requested smartphone models.

Verizon Business Complete complements other offerings such as Verizon Mobile Device Management and Total Mobile Protection for Business. Currently available on a limited basis, it will be widely accessible to customers later this summer.

Image: Envato

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