Verizon Introduces Business Mobile Secure

verizon business mobile secure

Last year Verizon reported 28% of data breach victims were small businesses. With that in mind, the company is introducing Business Mobile Secure to protect them from the dangers they face online.

The service is part of a collaboration with Cisco and BlackBerry. And the goal is to protect small businesses from internal and external security threats. These are two vulnerable points where attacks usually take place, employee devices and the internet.

Verizon Business Mobile Secure

As more small businesses get online and allow their staff to work remotely, it is essential to take more precautionary measures when it comes to cybersecurity. This is what Aamir Hussain, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Verizon Business, explained in the press release.

Hussain says, “Small businesses are making the same adjustments to remote work as larger enterprises, but with fewer internal technical resources to handle the transition. With Business Internet Secure, we provide easy-to-deploy solutions that help small business owners to protect themselves against cybersecurity threats.”

An “Easy Approach to Security”

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face when it comes to cybersecurity is the complexity. And this is where Cisco comes in with its Umbrella security service and BlackBerry with its Smart Antivirus.

This is how Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure bundle protects your small business:

  • The routers and devices connected to are protected by filtering access to dangerous content and protecting their endpoints,
  • Using predictive technology, internet security powered by Cisco Umbrella identifies threats and prevents users from visiting malicious websites,
  • The BlackBerry Smart Antivirus uses next-generation anti-virus software with artificial intelligence to predict and prevent threats,
  • Verizon’s dedicated security tech support allows small businesses to connect with a tech expert to receive services that cover onboarding, setup, and end-user support.

Verizon Also has Mobile Security

Mobile is now part of the workforce. And if your staff is using their mobile device when they are outside of the office, you must protect them. If you are looking to secure your mobile devices, Verizon introduced its Business Mobile Secure recently.

In short, the service has Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) by Lookout for Small Business, and Dedicated Security Support.

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