Video Testimonials and Other Marketing Tricks

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Video is only one of the incredible marketing tools now available at relatively low cost for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You’ll read more about a variety of these strategies in the roundup below and see how mixing time honored techniques with new technology brings incredible results. Enjoy!

Newest Trends

The power of video testimonials. You’ve heard about the power of video for small business marketing on the Web and the importance of testimonials as well. Putting the two together can be a big win for your online business. Here’s a simple five step guide to get you started. RightLook Creative

How do you measure social media success? The importance of social media in small business marketing is talked about plenty these days. But how can you be sure your social media campaign is a success and what can you expect from those efforts in the future? Ability Success Growth

Social Marketing

Social media advertising expanding rapidly. Companies like social media startup Adaptly are growing rapidly showing the power of social media as a marketing tool. How do you use social media marketing in your small business and where do you see these tools moving in the future?

Five keys to content marketing. Content remains king on the Internet and an integral part of your marketing plan. So how do you go about creating content that will keep your followers and customers coming back for more? These five keys should help. Copyblogger

Strategy Basics

The errors you must avoid. Almost as important as the things you must do are the errors you must avoid in small business marketing. But what are these errors and how can you avoid making them while creating your own marketing plan? Here are some tips. M4B Marketing

Google Adsense: A case study. Want to know whether Google Adsense or some other pay per click advertising campaign will work for your business? Here’s a case study to give you a better look. The best aspect? High ROI, says one entrepreneur. You’re the Boss

Latest Channels

Social media change is in the air. Social media is an important marketing tool, but evolution in the field is constant. Here is an entertaining look at the changes ahead. What shape will social media take in the future, and what shape will your marketing need to take as a result? The MarketingM8 Blog

Marketing with Google Plus. The latest social media tool to add to the tool box of small business owners and entrepreneurs is Google Plus. Though it may not have the reach of Facebook or the acceptance of Twitter yet, you may be surprised how effective it can be for marketing your business. New Music Promote

Online Basics

Improving local search results. Having customers able to find you just around the corner can be as important as helping them find you around the world sometimes. That’s especially true when the majority of your business happens to be local too. Duct Tape Marketing

Don’t hate on haters. Hey, it’s hard to hear from someone who doesn’t like your brand, product or service, especially if that person communicates that dislike in a public way. But before you get upset, you should think about some of the unexpected benefits haters can bring. Influential Marketing Blog

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