VideoBlocks Gives Video Editors, Designers another Option

VideoBlocks' Stock Video Footage Gives Video Editors, Designers another Option

VideoBlocks is good resource for all things stock footage. Use it to access studio-quality videos, templates and backgrounds for your advertisements.

VideoBlocks is a stock video footage media company that allows you to pay an annual subscription for unlimited access to its catalog of audio clips, images and of course videos. You can as well consider it an ultimate resource for all stock footage. The platform gives you access to studio quality templates, backgrounds, videos and more – all in one place.

How it Works

VideoBlocks is a subscription service. Signing up is easy, just click the Sign Up Today button and you will be presented with a short form to fill. The website boasts over 115,000 high quality video clips, animations, and motion backgrounds. You can immediately start downloading whatever pleases you from their “unlimited library.” The unlimited library is easy to access. Just click on the infinity symbol on the upper left corner of the preview file.

VideoBlocks also offers you a chance to purchase content at discounted rates from third party contributors. While the content is available in their marketplace, 100 percent of the proceeds from the purchase go directly to the owner of the content.

VideoBlocks Enterprise

For businesses looking for unlimited downloads, VideoBlocks Enterprise might be the answer. This part of the businesses is seemingly crafted to offer businesses professional-quality, unlimited creative content. What’s even more interesting is that unlimited number of users can use the platform at the same time. You and your team can also seamlessly share progress via IP authentication and API access.

VideoBlocks also has an education dedicated area called VideoBlocks Education. This part of the platform offers colleges and universities with the digital resources that students need to meet the Association of College and Research Libraries’ 21st-century digital literacy standards. It also gives students and faculties a quick, easy and reliable way to assess, select and ethically incorporate creative photos and video content into their projects.


A monthly subscription will set you back $79. They also offer a six month subscription of $89 and an annual subscription of $149. You can always confirm the plan you are under by clicking the Billing & Subscription account tab.


One thing that makes VideoBlocks really attractive is the fact that you can download unlimited photos and videos for no additional costs other than your subscription cost. They also have a really rich marketplace that you can procure additional content at a discounted price. This is generally a good platform for businesses that are looking for professional videos to use for their adverts.

Image: Video Blocks

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