Vimeo Record is a Video Messaging App for Remote Teams

Vimeo Record

Even though Zooming is all the rage, 5-minute meetings can end up becoming 45-minute conversations. Vimeo Record aims to deliver messages quickly and efficiently in the most consumable format, video.

The goal of Vimeo Record is to improve workplace collaboration, productivity and knowledge sharing with a free video messaging tool. As more businesses work with their teams remotely, communication with said distributed teams must be more efficient and to the point. A video message makes that possible.

Vimeo Record

As part of a broader suite of tools, Vimeo Record is designed to help businesses communicate better with their employees, partners, and customers. Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo, says a video message can deliver the context and value of long interactions in a fraction of the time.

Vimeo Record is a free Chrome extension with unlimited screen recording. After you upload it on Chrome, you can start recording from your browser in just two clicks. You can screen record with audio, webcam, or both. This includes the entire screen or an app as well as choosing to have the camera on or off.

Once you have your recording, you have more options:

  • Share Privately or Embed Anywhere: Share the recording with a private link or embed it on your site and channels.
  • Review and Comment: Keep projects moving by collecting and resolving feedback from team members or customers.
  • Viewer Analytics: Get insight into your audience with notifications when someone watches your video.
  • Secure Access: Organize recordings in folders and grant teammates, clients, and customers access with set permissions.

Is Vimeo Record for You?

As a free offer, you cannot go wrong trying a tool offered by one of the leading video solution providers in the world, Vimeo. You will be able to connect on a personal level while providing the context and value of a meeting in less time. Start recording your screen and deliver the message explaining what needs to be said along with apps or other content.

You can transfer knowledge instantly and simplify the feedback process while providing secure access for your entire team. Everyone from creative teams to freelancers, agencies, trainers, educators, customer support and more can make use of Vimeo Record.

Image: Vimeo

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