Vimeo “Stories in Place” Shows Small Businesses Adapting to Pandemic

Stories in Place

Vimeo recently launched a new “Stories in Place” video collection featuring stories of small businesses adapting through the days of coronavirus.

Staff at Vimeo picked these videos during 12 days of sheltering in place. Each filmmaker received a grant to make a video about a small business they love and how that business has been impacted by the pandemic. And Vimeo matched each grant with a donation to the featured businesses.

Small businesses continue adapting to the coronavirus pandemic in various ways. Some closed their doors completely. Meanwhile, others changed the way they deliver products and services to customers. And sharing these stories of small businesses persevering may provide inspiration or motivation to other entrepreneurs.

Vimeo Stories in Place

Courtney Horwitz, Head of Brand, Vimeo said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Vimeo always valued beautiful storytelling. Good videos are really the bedrock of our brand. In launching Stories in Place, we wanted to humanize this situation and shine a spotlight on the stories we don’t see.

“These are 8 stories about incredible small business owners who are adapting to these times and finding a way to make their businesses work right now. It was important to us to have these stories told, to balance out some of the negative news and provide inspiration. We hope people watch these videos and feel compelled to support a local business or to take on a creative project while social distancing.”


One of the 8 videos features 886, a Taiwanese restaurant in New York City shut down because of the pandemic. The video shows owners struggling with difficult decisions about paying their staff and donating food to nearby hospitals.

Desert Island Comics

Another features Desert Island Comics, an iconic Brooklyn company closed indefinitely. The cut paper film integrates memories from comic fans with thoughts of shop owner Gabe Fowler. In the video, Fowler speaks of the connective power of comic books.

Check out Desert Island Comics’ Stories in Place feature here.

Jeff Maassen

There’s also the story of Jeff Maassen. He’s a fisherman in Santa Barbara. Recently, Maassen stopped diving for sea urchin because of frozen global supply chains and pending harbor shutdowns. The video tells the story of fishermen scrambling to make ends meet. You can check out Jeff’s story here.

These stories represent a small section of those featured in Stories in Place. Each video shows a business in a different industry. Watch each business owner share their struggles and resilience. If you’re struggling to find the motivation right now, check out these uplifting stories and others.

You can check out the rest of the Stories in Place collection here.



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