GoTo has a New Virtual Events Solution


GoTo’s new virtual events solution addresses a pressing need for businesses to reach a larger audience. Whether you want to reach local, national, or international audiences, GoTo can bring them together under one platform.

GoTo Virtual Events Solution

The biggest key to virtual event adoption is simplifying the technology so any business can use it. This is especially true for small businesses with limited human and capital resources. According to GoTo, its goal is to, “Bring customers a virtual events solution that removes the need for hiring an event manager or outside professional services to get your first virtual event off the ground.”

To that end, it has built a familiar and reliable platform sitting on top of its industry-leading GoToWebinar solution. This makes it possible to get a virtual event up and running in as little as five minutes. And you can manage your virtual events solution directly in the current GoTo Admin Center. And according to GoTo, the simplicity also extends to affordable and transparent pricing. There are no hidden fees with the all-inclusive feature set solution.

When it comes to attendees, they have a single page for their entire experience. From registration to recap, they can share information from panelists and network with colleagues to fully capture the entire event.

GoTo virtual events

Event Management and Experience

  • Create an event with a mix of live, simulated live, and on-demand sessions
  • Integrations with Marketo, Zoho, Hubspot,, and others
  • Native full-service registration flow with; customer registration pages; automated emails; accept payments capabilities, and lead source tracking
  • Cloud storage to save previously recorded sessions or hosting on-demand events
  • Assign roles for moderator, organizer, panelist, and more
  • Extend the reach of an event for free by live streaming through Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more

You can try the GoTo new virtual events solution this summer for free.

Virtual Events are Here to Stay

There is no doubt live events will eventually return after the pandemic. However, many businesses have come to the realization they can hold virtual events and have similar results. And depending on the topic and audience, the virtual event can deliver even better results. Moreover, when you give your attendees the option to attend a virtual event, you provide the opportunity for unlimited attendance.

This is now possible with virtual technology that is capable of delivering a more immersive virtual event experience. With the GoTo platform, you can host multi-track, multi-day, events to fully engage with your audience in real-time.

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