Vistaprint and PayPal Offering Touchless QR Code Payment Option for Small Business

Vistaprint and PayPal Offering Touchless QR Code Payment Option

Vistaprint, marketing and design partners to small businesses, have partnered with PayPal to offer touch-free payment solutions to small businesses in the US. The touch-free payments enable small business owners to process payments without relying on cash or credit cards.

The collaboration means small businesses can leverage PayPal’s touch-free payment solution through a number of Vistaprint’s marketing products. The customizable Vistaprint marketing products bear their unique QR code.

Vistaprint and PayPal QR Codes for Small Business

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to small businesses. One leading challenge is the way they allow customers to pay for good and services. Recent research by Vistaprint shows that QR code touch-free payments are among the top pandemic pivots made by small businesses.

The study involved Vistaprint asking 500 small business owners in the retail and food service sectors their thoughts on touch payments. 52% of participants say they added this feature in 2020 in direct response to the pandemic. 42% say out of all the pivots they have introduced in recent months, touch-free payments are among the most important to their customers.

A separate study by PayPal-commissioned PYMNTS reiterates the demands for touch-free payments. These findings are important to small businesses as they confirm that consumers are requesting innovative and safe payment solutions. Small businesses failing to offer such solutions run the risk of losing out on business.

Streamlined Avenues for Success

Emily Whittaker, President of Vistprint, North America, spoke of the importance to adapt to consumer needs during these challenging times:

“From the onset of the pandemic it became clear that small businesses would face challenges unlike any in recent history. However, if we’ve learned anything from our small business partners it’s that their reliance is grounded in their ability to remain flexible in how they run their business to meet evolving consumer needs.”

“This collaboration with PayPal is one way we are building solutions that help small businesses make the necessary pivots to not only keep their customers safe but also to create new, streamlined avenues for success well beyond Covid-19,” Whittaker added.

To utilize this important feature, small business owners can visit Vistaprint’s touch-free payments. They can choose a product, customize it, and have a unique QR code auto generated. When the products arrive, small businesses can use the PayPal app to activate the QR codes. When small businesses display their products, they simply get their customers to scan QR codes with their PayPal app to make touch-free payments.

By offering this safe and innovative payment solution, small businesses can be confident they are meeting customer demand for touch-free payments as we navigate our way out of the pandemic.

Image: vistaprint

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