Vizio Reinvents the PC Ahead of Game-Changing Tech Innovations

It’s a great time to be on the lookout for game changing technology for your business, tech that can make you more mobile, flexible, and innovative in your approach to what you do. From reinventions of the PC, laptop, and smartphone to new apps and tools to improve productivity and access new markets, here are some of the big tech revolutions you should be watching.

PC Evolutions

Vizio reinvents the PC. The company known for its low-cost HDTVs is entering the PC market with some amazing results. The new computers have a slim design, clean Windows build, and are promising low prices. This could be an inexpensive alternative to Apple for business computing needs. PC Magazine

And if you’re a Dell fan. This more established PC and laptop company, also popular with business users, is back with a sneak peak at its XPS 15. The device may not be revolutionary, but does exemplify where mid-size performance laptops are now, a consideration for your next business purchase. Engadget

How Smart is Your Phone?

Cheap but smart. The Intel-powered San Diego smartphone is available only in the UK at the moment, but does show what is possible with the first phones to utilize an Intel processor. Similar phones were tested in China and India, and though not available in the US market yet, give a first glimpse of higher mobile processing at a reasonable cost. The Verge

Split business from pleasure. Companies concerned about letting employees access work applications from their personal mobile devices because of security threats can now rest easy. A new virtualization usable on Android and iPhone helps keep work and personal applications in their own separate containers. Ars Technica

Waiting in the Wings

Entering the fray. Microsoft may prove a big player in the tablet market popularized by companies like Apple, with the introduction of its new “Surface” tablets and PCs, available with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and Windows RT. It is the beginning of a new era, as the company enters the hardware industry for the first time. Would your business buy a Microsoft tablet? Microsoft

Are you ready for Windows 8? Release of the latest version of Windows is imminent, and with it there is speculation about how users will find the experience. Don’t forget Windows Vista and the many people who even now are still running the 10-year-old Windows XP, writes technology consultant Sean Ludwig. The last Windows update was the company’s most successful ever, but what’s in store? VentureBeat

New Samsung tablet shows Galaxy of possibilities. There’s yet another player poised to dive in to the tablet market. New leaked video shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 in action. A recent publication on Amazon suggested the tablet might be available in three to five weeks, but the company has since said that announcement was in error. Gigaom

Gadgets & Apps

Here comes the sun. Two devices will add to your mobility, thanks to the power of the sun. This video reviews the Solio Bolt and Powermonkey Explorer. Both allow you to charge up your favorite mobile device using solar power. Mobile workers with access to sunlight can use these devices while out of the office. All Things Digital

Ready to wear. When you dress for success, it could soon be with wearable technology like the Sony Smartwatch or the Pebble, that can keep you constantly in touch. And how about a pair of glasses developed by Google for release next year, containing all the functionality of a smartphone squeezed into fashionable eye wear. It may prove a headache for the FAA, but for business people on the move, the possibilities seem endless. Bits

Socialize your TV. A new app called Zeebox will make TV more social. Anthony Rose, former CTO of the BBC iPlayer, talks about the app’s trial in the UK and how it will change the face of both television and social media by merging the two experiences, telling others what you are watching. Given the market research already going into social media trends as they relate to television viewing, the new app is bound to have implications in social media marketing. TechCrunch


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