It May Be The Shortest Distance Between Two Points, But it’s Also Bad for Business

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop Business Cartoon

Lots of times when I do a graph cartoon it’s about what do the lines/bars do that I can express in a funny way. Do they look like something? Is there an extreme change? Is there another visual element I can impose?

But in the case of this cartoon, I challenged myself to come up with something for a graph that does absolutely nothing at all. I even made sure that the line and the bottom axis were perfectly parallel. The only element I added was lengthening the graph to drive that point home.

I like the gag, and I guess that their data is steadfastly comforting, but you just know something is gonna happen soon…

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  1. Most often, we predict everything to go in a straight line but it is not always that way. It is about being ready no matter what comes your way.