Don’t be Late for a Waste of Time

waste of time cartoon

True story.

I was finishing this cartoon up and spell-checking the caption in Photoshop.

When the spell-checker got to “full-of-crap” it stopped and offered up the word “phallocrat” instead.

When I looked “phallocrat” up I learned it meant “a male who assumes authority over females due to his maleness.”

Who knew Photoshop had such a great sense of humor?!

(I swear this is true. I even took a screenshot!)

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  1. Hahaaaaa! Full-of-crap = Phallocrat = full-of-crap! I did NOT know Photoshop had a sense of humour either! Lol!

    Liking the cartoon as usual. That’s the way a working day goes sometimes.