Wear OS Has New Apps, Features, and Updates


Wear OS by Google has recently announced a host of new features, apps, and updates that will be coming to its smartwatch platform this year.

Since the platform’s major overhaul two years ago, the number of Wear OS watches has increased fivefold, offering users the ability to stay connected and productive directly from their wrists.

Now, with the rollout of new capabilities, smartwatch users will be able to enhance their productivity even further.

With the addition of more Google app features on the smartwatch, users will have more control than ever before. For example, with the upcoming Google Home app update, users will be able to see who rang their Nest doorbell directly from their notifications and even remotely unlock their door. Additionally, Google is introducing access to two Google Workspace favorites – Gmail and Google Calendar. This integration will allow users to quickly respond to emails and manage their schedules directly from their watches, increasing productivity for small business owners and busy professionals alike.

Other popular apps are also debuting new features. Soon, WhatsApp will be launching its first-ever smartwatch app, allowing users to start new conversations, reply to messages via voice, and answer calls – all directly from their Wear OS watches. This development will enable busy professionals to stay connected without the need to constantly check their phones.

Music and fitness enthusiasts will be excited to hear about the introduction of three new Spotify tiles and a Peloton tile. Spotify’s new tiles will allow users to play new podcast episodes, check what’s in heavy rotation, and jump into a curated lineup of music. The Peloton tile will help users track their workout streak and meet their fitness goals, supporting both productivity and health.

To ensure the smartwatches’ optimal performance, Wear OS regularly updates its platform. Wear OS 4, expected later this year, promises further improvements including enhanced accessibility capabilities and a more reliable text-to-speech experience. It will also introduce backup and restore support, facilitating the secure transfer of data and settings between watches.

Another noteworthy development is the launch of the Watch Face Format, developed in partnership with Samsung. This feature will allow developers and designers to easily create high-quality, power-efficient watch faces for Wear OS 4, further customizing the user experience.

Image: Google

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