Web.com Has a New DIY Website Builder

Web.com DIY Website Builder

Web.com, providers of domain name registration and web development services, has announced the launch of an easy-to-use DIY website builder.

The new website builder enables businesses to create well-designed and impactful websites and online stores with ease, affordability and without delay.

The website builder is available to all new customers of the Web.com brand, including the Network Solutions brand as well as the Web.com brand. As well as a free domain, email addresses and hosting, the website builder provides users with everything they’ll need to design, publish and manage a unique website.

Of course, small businesses need a website. A professional and customized website proves vital for small businesses of virtually any industry. Creating a website brings greater professionalism and credibility to a small business. But it also enables them to increase their customer reach and market to customers beyond their geographic location.

The issue for many small businesses when it comes to website design, publishing and maintenance, is that they don’t have the time, resources or right skillsets to devote to website and digital marketing.

Web.com DIY Website Builder

It proves simple, affordable and fast to use. Web.com’s new website builder helps small businesses overcome the time, costs and skill needed for web design, hosting and maintenance.

In a press release about the launch of the builder, Chris Ortbals, Web.com Group’s Chief Product Officer, said:

“We are thrilled to start leveraging the value of our Dreamscape acquisition with the introduction of this new, fully-featured DIY website builder.

“Our easy-to-use, affordable, drag-and-drop builder has all the essential elements that new customers of Web.com and Network Solutions will need to build their own websites and showcase their products and services online. The new website builder is an exciting addition to our ever-expanding product line and makes it simple for business owners everywhere to quickly get online and harness the power of the internet,” Ortbals continued.

Key features of the website builder include an easy-to-use Site Editor. This builds well-designed and responsive websites. For example, design your site to work on all devices. Add and remove pages with ease. And change templates, colors and fonts.

The builder’s website galley contains more than 150 professional website layouts. Developers designed the gallery to cater to every industry. Each template offers full customization.  So tailor the look of your site to complement their unique brand and requirements.

You Get to Choose

Choose from more than 200,000 professional photos with high resolution. eCommerce businesses get to select from a broad range of predefined online store layouts. They also manage their online store. That includes viewing order histories, creating discounts and tracking inventory from the Web.com website builder.

You can also analyse data on the website builder. Gain insight into traffic sources, page views, device types and more. The website builder acts as a vital tool in helping small businesses get the most from their website.

Display social network profiles on the website generated by the builder. With SEO settings, optimize for creating maximum traffic. This digital marketing strategy helps small businesses remain competitive.

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  1. It is new but does it have something better than the preexisting website platforms? Does it also have apps for better functionality?

  2. If you’re really pressed for time, resources and money, this is a perfectly suitable option. However, the underlying code of these website builders tends to be really messy. That translates into slower load times, which matters for ranking and conversion. So eventually I recommend getting a more professional site done.