Web.com Announces Cyber Security Solution for Small Businesses

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Web.com Group, a leading domain registration and web development services provider, has introduced a cyber security solution for small businesses. Partnering with online security experts SKOUT Cybersecurity and mobile security specialists Lookout, Web.com has introduced a new, end-to-end Cyber Security Solution.

Web.com Cyber Security Solution

The cybersecurity package provides small businesses with comprehensive mobile device protection. Users will have 27/7 access to help protect their business from cyberattacks. The package offers small businesses complete mobile security including identity protection and theft protection.

Cyber Attacks on the Rise

It’s no secret that cyber attacks on small businesses are on the rise. In September 2019, 61% of businesses had experienced a cyber attack over the past year. With cyber attacks on small businesses representing a large share in all attacks, it’s vital small businesses are properly protected.

Web.com Group’s new Cyber Security Solution acts to provide such protection. When a cyber attack strikes a small business, knowing where and who to turn to is challenging. This end-to-end Cyber Security Solution aims to be the resource small businesses can turn to in the event of an online attack.

As Sharon Rowlands, CEO and president of Web.com Group, commented in a press statement about the launch of the digital security solution.

“Theft of digital information has now surpassed physical theft. Yet, when cyber security incidents occur, small businesses typically don’t know who to call or where to get answers.”

“By joining forces with SKOUT and Lookout, our Cyber Security Solution provides small businesses with a proactive approach to protecting their mobile platforms, while also offering 24/7 access to very best security experts—all in a single, end-to-end solution,” said Rowlands.

Making Cyber Security Cost-Effective

Unlike larger businesses, for many small businesses, budgeting for an IT team isn’t a viable option. Small businesses simply cannot afford the costs associated with hiring cybersecurity experts. Web.com Group’s package is designed to serve as a business’s IT security team, without the hefty costs.

By contacting the 24/7 Cyber Security Operations Center, users can communicate with trained security professionals. The experts will help guide small businesses through steps to remediate, prevent or investigate security breaches.

Finding a Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone

Small businesses are also provided with simple and effective tools to find a lost or stolen phone. The service includes email alerts with a photo and pad if a thief attempts to steal a device.

The package includes a Privacy Advisor feature. The feature enables small businesses to see which apps have potential access to data or hardware on their devices.

Safe Mobile WiFi

Businesses can also benefit from Safe Mobile Wi-Fi, which scans existing Wi-Fi networks to determine whether networks pose a threat.

Mobile Phishing Protection

Small businesses can surf the web and click on the likes of social media and emails with confidence, with Mobile Phishing Protection.

Web.com Group’s all-new Cyber Security Solution costs $49.99 per year. Monthly pricing options are available.


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