Spotlight: Smartlook Shows You What Your Site Visitors are Up To

Spotlight: Smartlook's Website Recorder Shows You What Visitors Are Up To

Having a business website is no longer optional. In fact, just having a site isn’t enough. You need a site that really works for your customers. And to do that, you need to look at your website from their point of view.

Smartlook is a tool that aims to help businesses achieve that viewpoint. Read about how the company got started and what it offers to businesses in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides a website testing service.

CEO Petr Janosik told Small Business Trends, “Smartlook is the easiest way to record the screen of your visitors. We’ll record every visitor movement on your website. You’ll get to watch everything and become inspired with ingenious ways on how to improve your website. There are no complicated graphs or numbers. You easily see what happens on your website.”

Business Niche

Providing a simple platform with real value.

Janosik says, “Our website recorder is absolutely for free with an unlimited number of recording and an unlimited number of websites.”

How the Business Got Started

As a spinoff from another company.

Janosik and his team initially launched a live chat service for websites called Smartsupp. And they initially started creating a screen sharing service to integrate into that. But they soon found that it could stand on its own.

Janosik explains, “When we thought about it and put all our experience together it occurred to me we could create new service for screen recording only. Several customers wrote to us with the same request as they wanted to use video recording without the live chat support. So we created Smartlook and launched it on February 18, 2016. We used all our previous experience and thanks to that Smartlook grows 50 times faster than Smartsupp did. During first three months we had 18 000 users.”

Biggest Win

Gaining customers without using pushy sales tactics.

Janosik says, “All job positions, development, marketing and customer care are in-house. That is one of the key elements to our success. We created successful project without any salesmen. I do not like projects that need an army of salesmen to push their product or service. All customers we have we got without any business meetings or phone calls. We focus on marketing and having a quality product.”

Biggest Risk

Offering Smartlook for free.

Janosik says, “Already we spent tens of thousands of Euro for development and marketing and we plan to spend even more.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Speeding things up.

Janosik explains, “I would invest it to development for faster updates and marketing, because time is of the essence and it is the most important thing in our project.”

What the Business is Known For

Its own alcohol.

Janosik says, “Company mascot is our branded Slivovitz (homemade alcohol). We drink a shot of it each time we reach 1,000 new users. In the beginning it was once a couple weeks, lately it is almost daily.”

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Images: Smartlook (Top image: Co-founder Vladimir Sandera and CEO Petr Janosik)

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