In the News: Up To $100K in Grants Available for Small Businesses

Small businesses targeting niche segments can benefit from grants specifically designed for those businesses. These grants can help fund research and development, marketing, and other activities to help the business grow and succeed.

Niche grants can be found from a variety of sources, including government agencies, private foundations, and corporations. To qualify for a niche grant, the business must meet the specific criteria of the grant. However, the benefits of receiving a niche grant can be significant and help small businesses achieve their goals.

If you are a small business that targets a niche market, be sure to research the available grants that may be a good fit for your business. Grants can be a valuable source of funding that can help your business to grow and succeed. There is up to $100K up for grabs with these grants.

Small Business News August 18, 2023

This week’s roundup has important information for businesses affected by droughts, fires, and other weather conditions across the country. If you happen to be in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Hawaii, Missouri, and Wisconsin, take a look at what the SBA is providing with EIDL financial assistance.

Implications of Adobe’s Digital Price Index for Small Business Owners

For the eleventh consecutive month, the Adobe Digital Price Index (DPI) indicates a decline in online prices, shedding 1.6% compared to July 2022. This drop should capture the attention of small business owners, especially those operating online storefronts, as it holds significant implications for both market positioning and inventory decisions.

Salesforce Unveils Einstein Studio, an All-New BYOM Solution

Salesforce has introduced Einstein Studio – a “bring your own model” (BYOM) feature that gives small business owners a seamless avenue to incorporate their unique AI models. This new tool is not just about creating AI; it’s about enabling businesses to power various applications, from sales to IT, with their proprietary AI solutions.

Canva Introduces New Features to Boost Collaboration and Design Accessibility

Canva has unveiled innovative features in response to its users’ most frequent requests, promising to elevate their design experience. These features emphasize collaboration, inclusivity, and productivity to enhance the design experience for small businesses. Enhanced Collaboration Tools One of Canva’s most recent features, Whiteboards, has been revamped.

Inflation Eases, but Still Above Federal Reserve’s 2% Target

The latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data suggests inflationary pressures in the U.S. are easing, yet the numbers remain above the Federal Reserve’s desired 2% threshold. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported, the CPI rose by 3.2% year-over-year in July, slightly less than anticipated. This monthly increase was largely attributed to a surge in shelter costs, which saw a 0.

Twilio Partners with OpenAI to Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Twilio has unveiled its collaboration with OpenAI, the pioneer in AI research. This integration means that over 300,000 Twilio clients can harness the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 to offer enriched customer interactions. For small businesses, this translates to a game-changing moment in how they understand and engage their customer base.

Freshworks Launches New AI-Powered Customer Service Suite

Freshworks Inc. unveiled its new Customer Service Suite aims to address the rapidly growing importance of artificial intelligence in the business sector. A key takeaway from Deloitte’s latest report on AI in the enterprise underscores the urgency for businesses, big or small, to embrace AI. Almost all or 94% of business leaders believe AI is crucial for success in the coming half-decade.

SBA Reassesses Disadvantaged Business Program Following Federal Court Verdict

There’s been a significant change for small business owners looking to benefit from the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) disadvantaged business program. Following a recent federal court ruling, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has halted adding new entrants to its disadvantaged business program. The U.S.

Connecticut Small Businesses Offered SBA Disaster Loans After Frost and Freeze Damage

Following the unfortunate frost and freeze events on May 18, 2023, which significantly affected small businesses in various sectors in Connecticut, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has stepped in to offer financial aid.

SBA Offers Financial Aid to Drought-Hit Illinois and Wisconsin Small Businesses

Small businesses and certain nonprofits in drought-stricken parts of Illinois and Wisconsin are set to receive a lifeline in the form of Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs). The U.S.

BizBuySell’s Insight Report Shows Small Business Market Resilience Amid Rising Interest Rates and Inflation

The second quarter of 2023 saw steady growth in small business transactions, despite the challenges posed by higher interest rates and inflation. BizBuySell’s Insight Report tracks and analyzes U.S. business-for-sale transactions and sentiment from surveys of business owners, buyers, and brokers; business acquisitions climbed 8% QOQ, following a 4.8% gain in Q1.

Slack and Sales Cloud Launch Sales Elevate

The Salesforce State of Sales report reveals a surprising statistic: sales representatives spend only about 28% of their time actively selling. With the majority of their time consumed by administrative tasks, the duration of customer interaction diminishes, leading to slower deal closures.

Salesforce Introduces “Starter” to Streamline CRM for Small Businesses

Salesforce has unveiled the Starter Suite to transform customer relationship management (CRM) for small and growing businesses.

SBA Stands Ready to Assist Hawaii Businesses and Residents Affected by the Wildfires

Low-interest federal disaster loans are now available to Hawaii businesses and residents as a result of President Biden’s major disaster declaration, U.S. Small Business Administration’s Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman announced. The declaration covers Maui County as a result of the wildfires that began on Aug. 8.

Damaging Drought Qualifies Missouri Small Businesses for SBA Disaster Loans

In response to the damaging drought that started on June 13, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has declared small nonfarm businesses in select Missouri counties and adjacent Iowa counties eligible for low-interest federal disaster loans. This initiative aims to counteract the financial pitfalls resulting from dwindling revenues, as Director Tanya N.

Federal Disaster Loans Open to Iowa Small Businesses Amidst Drought Crisis

In light of the severe drought that began on June 13, 13 counties in Iowa have been designated eligible to receive low-interest federal disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). This announcement comes directly from Director Tanya N. Garfield of the SBA’s Disaster Field Operations Center-West. The primary counties affected are Crawford, Ida, and Sac.

Small Businesses Offered a Lifeline with the Launch of “Profit Power Series”

Financial expert Sue Canyon of “Business is Booming!” unveiled her “Profit Power Series.” This series aims to equip small business owners with indispensable tools to avoid bankruptcy and run successful operations. This comes as the startling bankruptcy statistics this year. Canyon says, “Bankruptcy filings spiked this year, and most small businesses aren’t doing well.

How to Be Awkward and Confident at Work

We are told by almost everyone these days that we should be our authentic selves. But there is still tremendous pressure at work (and in society) to conform and be like everyone else.

Settle Introduces Enterprise-Level Purchasing Suite for Small E-commerce Businesses

Settle has launched its groundbreaking Purchasing suite. This collection of tools is crafted with e-commerce founders in mind, aiming to simplify the often complex world of purchasing and procurement. The goal is to address the growing needs of small e-commerce businesses.

Black Executives Encouraged to Mentor Entrepreneurs Through SCORE

To bridge the disparity in resource allocation and foster a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, SCORE, a nonprofit organization that mentors small businesses in America, is encouraging Black executives to volunteer their time and expertise this National Black Business Month.

NEXT Insurance Expands Liability Offerings With Tailored Coverage to Small Businesses

Digital insurance leader, NEXT Insurance, has announced the launch of its commercial umbrella/excess liability coverage in 41 states and the expansion of liquor liability coverage in seven additional states. This new move ensures small businesses get comprehensive protection from potentially significant losses resulting from lawsuits.

Snapchat Introduces Lens Creator Rewards to Benefit AR Creators

Snapchat is launching a new incentive program called Lens Creator Rewards. This innovative scheme looks to financially reward Augmented Reality (AR) creators, developers, and teams for developing top-performing Lenses on the platform.

IRS Aims to Modernize with Paperless Processing

he U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has unveiled an initiative for going paperless. The IRS’s move is poised to streamline operations, save costs, and accelerate refund times, making tax-related processes more efficient for everyone involved. The Current State: Challenges with Paper Paper-based processes have been a sticking point for the IRS, creating bottlenecks and delays for years.

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