In the News: Grants of Up To $50,000 For Rural and Urban Small Businesses


Federal grants are available to help small businesses in rural areas start and grow. Beyond federal grants, there are also local communities and private grants that provide similar assistance. From renewable energy to broadband, many grants target specific issues affecting these communities. These grants can be used for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Acquiring land or buildings.
  • Purchasing equipment or inventory.
  • Providing training or technical assistance.
  • Marketing or advertising.
  • Making repayable loans.

To be eligible for a rural federal grant, a small business must be located in a rural area and meet certain other requirements.

From federal grant initiatives that exist to assist small businesses in implementing energy upgrades to cities that are providing help to improve the storefront of businesses, find out all the grant options available to you now.

Small Business News September 1, 2023

In the news round up this week the SBA announced it is dedicating a week to celebrate Veteran entrepreneurs. It also extended the moratorium on the 8(a) Business Development Bona Fide Place of Business (BFPOB) Requirement through September 30, 2024. Other news includes the increased AI adoption by many companies to improve their products, so read on for more small business-related news.

SeamlessM4T Bridges Language Gaps for Small Businesses Worldwide

SeamlessM4T, a comprehensive multilingual and multimodal AI translation model, was just released. SeamlessM4T is not just another AI tool; it stands as the first all-inclusive AI model adept at speech and text translations, making cross-language business communications smoother.

New Zoho Survey Reveals Small Businesses Are Eager to Adopt CRM

A recent survey conducted by SMB Group for Zoho’s Bigin CRM reveals that small businesses are ready to embrace customer relationship management (CRM) systems, despite some hesitancy. The 2023 State of Customer Operations for U.S. Small Businesses report surveyed over 1,500 small companies and found using a CRM significantly boosts satisfaction with business operations.

Dr. John Warnock, Adobe Co-Founder, Visionary of Desktop Publishing Passes Away

The innovative genius and co-founder of Adobe Systems, Dr. John Warnock, passed away at 82. His indomitable spirit and revolutionary work have left a profound impact on the world of technology, particularly within the domain of desktop publishing. In 1982, after meeting as colleagues at Xerox, Dr. Warnock teamed up with Dr. Charles Geschke to launch Adobe Systems.

GoDaddy Studio Unveils AI-Driven Instant Video Feature for Entrepreneurs

GoDaddy Inc. has launched an AI-powered Instant Video tool in its GoDaddy Studio app. This new feature is specifically designed to aid entrepreneurs in creating captivating video content effortlessly, responding to the mounting demand for video-centric digital marketing. GoDaddy’s newest addition comes at no extra cost and addresses one of the key challenges small businesses face – time.

Ag-tech Startups Harnessing AI for Sustainable Farming Grappling with Data Challenges

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, a burgeoning tech community is marrying the age-old farming profession with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI). The aim? To revolutionize farming, making it more efficient, sustainable, and responsive to climate issues.

Justice Department Uncovers Massive COVID-19 Fraud

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco announced today the results of an exhaustive enforcement operation. This comes in the wake of trillions of dollars in pandemic relief designated to assist Americans and businesses during this unparalleled public health crisis. The Justice Department has highlighted an alarming trend. As billions flowed in aid, unscrupulous individuals both within the U.S.

Small Business Committee Concerned Over New Energy Conservation Rules for Ceiling Fans

Under Congressman Roger Williams’s (R-TX) leadership, the House Committee on Small Business has raised concerns about a recent proposal from the Department of Energy (DOE) to modify energy conservation standards for ceiling fans.

Labor Shortage Crisis Deepens: States Most Affected and Implications for Small Businesses

America is confronted with an unexpected hurdle: an acute worker shortage. Small business owners, who form the backbone of the nation’s economy, need to be especially alert to the intricacies of this labor situation. While every state grapples with this issue, some are hit harder than others.

Rising Phishing Scams Impact Small Businesses Relying on Social Media

Small businesses that rely on social media giants like Facebook and Instagram for customer engagement and growth are at risk of cyberattacks by hackers leveraging phishing scams and cyber extortion techniques. Entrepreneurs such as Pat Bennett, who drove half of her granola business’s sales through Instagram, found herself ensnared in a cyberattack.

How “Express with Firefly” Boosts Small Business Content Creation

Adobe has taken another giant leap in simplifying content creation for businesses with the all-new Adobe Express with Firefly, a generative AI tool now globally available for desktop web users. What’s New? Adobe Express’s latest edition is pioneering with its AI-first approach.

Rising Mortgage Rates Stalling Prospective New Home Buyers

It was bound to happen. Just as home builders began to feel more confident about attracting potential buyers, rising mortgage rates are proving too much for those customers.

Amazon’s Blink Outdoor 4 is Tailored for Small Businesses

Amazon has unveiled the next iteration of its top-selling camera range—the Blink Outdoor 4. This innovative device seems poised to provide small business owners with increased efficiency in monitoring, coupled with affordability, without compromising on quality.

Disability Employment Gap Narrows as Coffee Chain Offers Unique Model

Recent data suggests a slight improvement in employment rates for disabled Americans. However, despite these positive strides, there remains a vast disparity in the workforce. Amy and Ben Wright, founders of Bitty & Beau’s Coffee, stand at the forefront of a movement challenging this status quo, proving the potential of a business model centered on hiring individuals with disabilities.

Enhance Your Branding with Instagram’s Newest Music and Collaboration Features

Instagram has rolled out new features that allow users to integrate music with photo carousels and foster collaborations with friends and fellow creators on their posts. This is to promote creativity and enhance engagement with its users, including small businesses.

Code Llama: The Revolutionary Language Model Tailored for Coders

Code Llama, an advanced large language model (LLM) tailored for coding tasks, was just released. With the potential to drastically revamp the work routines of developers and simplify the journey for coding aspirants, this state-of-the-art tool is poised to be a game-changer for small businesses.

Amazon Deploys Generative AI to Enhance Product Review Summaries

Amazon has unveiled generative AI technology to synthesize product reviews.

Small Business Ventures Thrive in Cook County Forest Preserves

A newly expanded concession program has seen a surge in small businesses like food trucks, mobile bike repair shops, and other unique offerings, serving the preserves’ visitors at the Forest Preserves of Cook County. In an age where brick-and-mortar expenses challenge many small business owners, this open-air alternative provides an exciting, cost-effective opportunity.

Buyers or Sellers: Who Do You Need to Attract First in a Marketplace?

Marketplaces are notoriously hard to get started because they face the notorious chicken and egg problem. Do you need to attract the buyers or the sellers first in order to be successful? But once they get started and have some critical mass, they can be a goldmine by making a small amount on memberships or on each transaction with little effort.

National Technology Alliance (NTA) Bridges the Gap Between Innovators and DoD

The National Technology Alliance (NTA) has been unveiled to streamline the collaboration between technological innovators, funding platforms, and the federal government. Hailed as a “first of its kind,” this organization strives to equip tech visionaries with vital resources, paving the way for seamless interaction with the Department of Defense (DoD) and various governmental bodies.

Generative AI Changing Shopping Landscape, Says Salesforce Report

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing retail, with new findings revealing its growing influence on consumers’ purchase decisions. Salesforce’s latest Connected Shoppers Report offers insights into this shifting retail environment and provides a glimpse into the future of consumer behavior and industry responses.

SBA Eases Construction Contracting for Small Businesses Amidst COVID-19 Repercussions

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has extended the moratorium on the 8(a) Business Development Bona Fide Place of Business (BFPOB) Requirement through September 30, 2024.

Amazon Integrates Generative AI for Product Reviews

Amazon has integrated generative AI for product reviews so sellers can understand customer sentiment. Understanding customer sentiment has always been important for small businesses selling products on Amazon. This announcement has the potential to enhance this understanding further, and here’s why small businesses should pay attention.

Constant Contact Reports: Small Businesses More Likely to See Success Using AI

Constant Contact announced results from their newest “Small Business Now” study looking into small businesses’ perceptions of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing automation and pinpoints where they foresee the most significant benefits from these technologies.

SBA Dedicates Week to Celebrate Veteran Entrepreneurs

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is set to host its 10th annual National Veterans Small Business Week (NVSBW) from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, 2023.

New Platform “Huddle” Seeks to Elevate Black Entrepreneurs

Guava has unveiled its latest innovation – Huddle. This is not just a community hub but a much-needed beacon of hope and connectivity in the business world. Guava is known as the premier banking and networking platform catering to Black creators and small business proprietors.

New Report Highlights Workplace Jargon Confusion

A joint report by LinkedIn and Duolingo has looked at the enigmatic world of workplace jargon, revealing its global prevalence and the challenges it poses. And as workplaces evolve and company cultures adapt to a new generation of employees, language and its nuances play a pivotal role in maintaining harmony and productivity.

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