Spotlight: Welaxy Turns Ocean Waste into In-Demand Products

Home and office organizational products are incredibly in-demand, especially with the influx of people working from home. But many of the products on the market include the same few materials like simple plastic and wood. Tired of seeing the same items over and over again, the founder of Welaxy set out to create something different.

The brand eventually found its niche in the eco-friendly sector, making products from ocean waste. Learn about this unique brand and how it’s thriving in a competitive space in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Creates home and office organizational supplies.

Products include drawer organizers, shelving, closet bins, and even shower organizers.

Business Niche

Creating products that support clean oceans.

Managing Partner Grant Ritzwoller told Small Business Trends, “Our products are made from 100% ocean waste meaning they are 100% echo-friendly.”

Business Origin Story

A personal need for better solutions.

Ritzwoller says, “I was tired of looking at the plastic and wood drawer organizers and knew there had to be other options.”

Biggest Win

Becoming a white-label product that other companies buy and sell under their own branding.

This option allows companies to sell more products without going through the trouble of marketing or building a customer base. However, if Ritzwoller could do it over again, he said he would start a direct-to-consumer website earlier in the process, since this provides even more value. Now, the company utilizes both selling methods to make the most of the benefits of each approach.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Improving the website and growing on social media.

Since the company is still growing, investing in these methods could make a major impact on the brand’s bottom line within different markets.

Company Namesake

A close family member.

Ritzwoller says, “Welaxy was a name we called my grandmother. So in a way, her legacy lives on.”


Image: Welaxy

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