26 Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Activities

wellness wednesday ideas

Companies that support employee wellness tend to have happier, more engaged teams. Wellness Wednesday is a weekly reminder to help your workers live a healthier lifestyle. There are a variety of ways to keep your team engaged with healthy activities; here are a few Wellness Wednesday ideas.

1. Plan a Walking Meeting

Physical activity builds strength, cardiovascular endurance, and can help some get their creative juices flowing. Instead of staying cooped up in your conference room, head a local park to host walking meetings in the fresh air.

2. Buy Some Fresh Healthy Food for the Communal Fridge

Fresh foods help people maintain healthy blood pressure, support energy, and provide the nutrition needed to live a long life. Healthy office snack ideas include cucumbers, red bell peppers, yogurt, and nuts.

3. Reward Your Staff Gift Cards to Create Healthy Habits

Get your office involved in healthy habits by providing gift cards to your local gym, healthy restaurants, or fitness centers. For example, you could offer a month’s free gym membership for the employee of the month or provide gift cards after a major project is finished successfully.

4. Hire a Yoga Instructor

Looking for a Wellness Wednesday idea that can improve your whole team’s wellness at once? Host a yoga class at your office.

5. Participate in the 8-Hours of Sleep Challenge

Encourage employees to get more sleep by creating a challenge. Have team members log their sleep each night and aim for at least eight hours.

6. Buy a Massage Chair

For those who work from home, indulge in self care by adding a massage chair to your workstation. If you have a team office, offer chair massage stations for people to use during breaks.

7. Offer Work-Life Balance Training to Improve Mental Health

A solid balance between work and personal life is important for lowering stress and maintaining mental health. Encourage employees to spend more time with family and hobbies by hosting a work-life balance training.

8. Maximize Natural Light

Office worker wellness and mood can be improved by regular access to natural light. Remove bulky window treatments and consider adding skylights or removing barriers to make the space feel more open and happy.

9. Send Stretch Reminders Throughout the Day

Staying sedentary all day contributes to obesity and disease. Encourage employees to get up and stretch or walk periodically, and send out reminders via email or Slack.

10. Host a Company Cooking Challenge

Learn more about healthy food options by letting your team make their favorite recipes for everyone. Turn it into a contest to add some fun.

11. Participate in Online Workouts

For remote teams, find an online video workout you can all do together.

12. Turn Your Meeting Room into a Meditation Space

When you’re not hosting in-person meetings, set the room aside for those who want a quiet place to meditate.

13. Host a Virtual Race

Running is great for overall health. Have everyone train for a race on their own; then time yourselves and compare on race day.

14. Increase Paid Sick Days

If you’re able to, offering paid time off can reduce the spread of illness in your office. Use Wellness Wednesday to announce the change.

15. Dedicate Special Mental Health Days

You can also offer mental health days periodically to help your team reduce stress levels and improve work life balance.

16. Introduce Healthy Vending Machines

Vending machines don’t have to just include chips and candy. There are some healthier models available, so look into that offer more nutritional value and brain food snacks.

17. Filter the Air in Your Office

All buildings include some pollution. Add air purifying plants and filters to help the whole office breathe easier.

18. Offer Therapy as an Employee Perk

Therapy can lead to reduced stress and improved overall wellness. But many avoid seeking support due to stigma or embarrassment. Avoid forcing it on employees, but offer it as an option for those who want it.

19. Track Daily Steps

Start a challenge where your team competes for the most steps. Use a fitness tracker to gauge where everyone ends up.

20. Set Up Workstations with Treadmills or Stationary Bikes

Instead of sitting all day, employees can move while working thanks to desk stands in front of treadmills or stationary bikes.

21. Bring in Therapy Animals

Dogs and cats can improve mood and mental health. Hire an agency that offers therapy animals — as long as no one on your team is allergic.

22. Host Work Outside Days

Get more fresh air and sunshine by moving your office outside for the day. Do this for the whole day or for specific meetings.

23. Partner with Healthy Food Vendors

When you host lunch meetings or provide dinner for employees, contact local restaurants and food vendors in your area that offer healthy options for everyone to try.

24. Purchase Wellness Apps for Employees

There are so many wellness apps that can help employees, whether they’re working remotely or in your office. Offer to purchase step counters, sleep trackers, or meditation apps as a perk.

25. Upgrade Your Coffee Station

A stocked coffee station is a must for maintaining focus and energy levels around the office. But it’s not always the healthiest. To give your caffeine boost an upgrade, offer natural sweeteners, plant based milk, and herbal tea as an alternative.

26. Offer a Large Water Filter

Staying hydrated is an essential part of wellness. Filtered water is more eco-friendly and healthier than tap or bottled water. So provide a large filter in your kitchen or common area.

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