What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

With ongoing uncertainty throughout the economies of the U.S. and rest of the world, it is becoming increasingly important for business owners to understand their workforce and trends in the workplace.

What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

Luckily some excellent insight into the future of work has been provided by job search website Executive Placements, whose research has been given the infographic treatment by design agency NowSourcing.

Let’s look at some of the highlights.

what does the future of work look like

Worker Dissatisfaction

One of the more immediately eye-catching stats is the high levels of worker dissatisfaction with their current jobs. This is primarily caused by a lack of remote working options, with a significant 32% of knowledge workers quitting their jobs for this reason. An even higher 61% of those surveyed said they would switch jobs for the opportunity to work from home, with that number hitting an astonishing 100% for workers aged between 18 and 24.

For business owners who want a happy workforce, it will be interesting to note that a massive 91% of people said they are happier when they have flexible working hours and the option to work remotely.

The Future of Work

The research by Executive Placements also forecasted some changes and evolutions in the modern work environment. As well as flexible workspaces and an emphasis on wellness, the future work environment will involve smaller organizations and less hierarchy, with more teams-based work and collaboration.

Digital Assistants will also help sort and prioritize tasks, while smarter brainstorming will involve workers across different groups and locations sharing ideas. This will include informal get-togethers between employees taking place online, possibly even using VR and AR headsets.

These changes could also introduce a new role in the form of a Chief of Work, whose responsibility it is to maintain a consistent work culture across and between the various locations and groups.

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  1. Service workers will continue to be needed. Getting into skilled service positions (electrician, plumber, HVAC, nursing, elder care) will bring higher wages.

  2. The future of work looks like a blend of humans and technology. In the near future, many jobs will be replaced by robots and other forms of automation, but there will always be a need for human collaboration and creativity.

    The key to success in the future workplace will be flexibility and the ability to learn new skills quickly. Those who are able to embrace change and adapt to new technologies will be the most successful. Additionally, it will be important to have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with others.

  3. Great article, it gave me a lot of insight into the changes that are happening in the workforce. It made me think about how I can adapt my skills to stay relevant in the job market. It’s clear that the future of work is going to be very different, and it’s important for everyone to stay informed and adaptable. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.