The Project Champion: A Management Best Practice

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At the start of every project, hopes are always high. Expectations will be exceeded. Deliverables will be timely. Customers will be amazed with the end result and zealously recommend potential clients.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are times when projects go horribly off kilter. Timelines are missed, products or services do not live up to the customer’s vision and realization of success dwindles, creating a threat to customer relations and, even more damaging, the reputation of a business.

What consistently yields a positive outcome to projects of all scopes and sizes? The answer is far less of a what and more of a who. The true advocate for a project and the gatekeeper of a project’s heroic success or dismal failure – is a project champion.

So What Is a Project Champion?

A project champion is a vital figure within an organization tasked with spearheading a project and ensuring its ultimate success. This individual shoulders the responsibility of aligning all team members and resources toward the project’s goals.

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Responsibilities and Best Management Practices of a Project Champion

The role of a project champion involves a series of crucial responsibilities and adherence to best practices, essential for the success of any project.

  • Identifying a project’s strategic objectives: The project champion sets clear strategic goals that align with the organization’s vision.
  • Working with the project team: They collaborate closely with the team to translate the project’s vision into practical requirements and a coherent solution design.
  • Ensuring best practices: A critical role involves evaluating and implementing best practices throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Obstacle management: They proactively identify and address potential threats to the project’s success within the organization.
  • Prioritizing based on value: The project champion prioritizes project phases and tasks based on their value and impact on the overall objective.
  • Communicating updates: Keeping all relevant stakeholders, including managers and clients, informed with timely updates is key.
  • Resource allocation: They are responsible for the effective allocation and organization of resources to ensure project completion and successful implementation.

The Ethos of a Project Champion

The mindset and attitude of a project champion are pivotal in navigating the complexities and challenges of project management.

  • A project champion does not accept excuses like “no” or “I don’t have the time.” They are focused on finding solutions and keeping the team motivated and on track.
  • They embody unfeigned authority and sometimes need to be straightforward and candid to safeguard the project’s trajectory.

Profile of a Project Champion

Understanding the typical profile of a project champion helps in recognizing the right individual for this vital role.

  • A project champion is typically a senior management member or someone with critical expertise, adding significant value to the project.
  • They bring formidable experience to the table, enhancing the project’s value and ensuring its successful and efficient delivery.

Seven Traits of a Project Champion

Certain individuals stand out, not just as leaders but as true champions of their projects. These are the people who take a project from its initial stages to triumphant completion, guiding their teams with unwavering confidence and expertise.

Their success isn’t just a byproduct of their experience or education, but is often rooted in a distinct set of traits that they embody. These traits transform them from mere managers into true project champions. As we delve into these characteristics, it becomes clear that being a project champion is not just about managing tasks, but about leading with vision, passion, and resilience.

Here are the seven defining traits of a project champion.

Qualifications and Aptitude to Understand All Elements of the Project

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A project champion isn’t just someone who supports the project from the sidelines. They have a deep understanding of every facet of the project, from its objectives and methodologies to the intricacies of its execution.

Their educational background, work experience, and inherent aptitude equip them to grasp complex ideas, foresee challenges, and appreciate the broader implications of the project.

This comprehensive knowledge ensures they are well-prepared to advocate for the project’s value and provide guidance at each stage of its lifecycle.

Capacity to Meet and Exceed Expectations of Management

Project champions not only meet the benchmarks set by management, but they also consistently strive to exceed them.

Their commitment to the project’s success drives them to constantly challenge the status quo, seek improvements, and deliver outcomes that surpass initial expectations.

They earn the trust of senior leaders by proving time and again that they can transform visions into reality.

Ability to Motivate and Inspire a Team to Buy in and Become Engaged in the Project’s Success

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The most successful projects are fueled by teams that believe in their mission. A project champion has an infectious enthusiasm and passion that rallies team members around the project’s goals.

They know how to articulate the vision in a way that resonates with the team, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment among all involved. Through their leadership, they turn a group of individuals into a cohesive unit striving for a common cause.

Finesse to Negotiate with all Parties to Ensure Project Success

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In the intricate world of project management, negotiations are inevitable. A project champion possesses the finesse to mediate between different stakeholders, reconcile conflicting interests, and forge agreements that are mutually beneficial.

Their diplomatic skills enable them to navigate sensitive issues without alienating any party, ensuring that the project remains on course even when faced with adversarial conditions.

Exceptional Problem Solving Abilities and the Resourcefulness to Defeat Obstacles

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Every project encounters challenges. However, the measure of a project champion lies in their ability to turn these challenges into opportunities. With a keen analytical mind, they identify issues early, devise innovative solutions, and marshal the resources needed to address them. Their tenacity ensures that no obstacle is insurmountable.

Superior Organizational Talents, and a Knack for Keeping Team members on Track

Efficiency is at the heart of project management, and a project champion is a master of organization. They have an innate ability to structure tasks, prioritize responsibilities, and ensure that deadlines are met.

Their meticulous nature coupled with an intuitive understanding of team dynamics enables them to keep every team member aligned with the project’s timeline and goals.

Stellar Communications Skills, Keeping all Project Stakeholders Aware and Engaged


Transparent and effective communication is the lifeblood of any project. A project champion understands this profoundly. They maintain open channels of communication with all stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is informed of the project’s progress, challenges, and successes.

Their ability to convey information clearly and persuasively fosters a sense of trust and collaboration among all parties involved.

Project Champion Traits Summary

H3 HeadingsShort Description
Diversify Your Engagement StrategyAdopt multiple approaches to cater to varied attendee preferences, from live demos to VR experiences.
Highlight Case Studies and Success StoriesPresent real-world examples and testimonials to demonstrate product effectiveness and relevance.
Harness the Power of User-Generated ContentEncourage attendees to interact with and promote your brand on social media, thereby extending reach and gaining authentic endorsements.
Benefiting from a Trade Show During the EventFocus on proactive preparations and real-time engagements to maximize brand presence and attract attendees.
Make Sure You Are PreparedEquip your team with product knowledge, familiarize yourself with the venue, and set clear objectives to offer a confident and approachable experience for attendees.
Have an Eye-Catching DisplayMake your booth memorable with the right basics and creative additions like interactive displays and unique giveaways.
Benefiting from Trade Shows After the Show Has EndedLeverage post-show strategies to nurture leads, solidify relationships, and maintain brand presence even after the event.
Network Beyond Your BoothEngage with a wider cross-section of the trade show, from other exhibitors to industry trends, maximizing learning and networking opportunities.
Stay Updated on CompetitorsMonitor and learn from competitor activities, gaining insights into market trends and identifying your brand's unique selling points.
Leverage Trade Show AnalyticsUtilize provided data to understand visitor demographics, their interests, and their interactions, refining strategies for future events.
Craft a Digital Lookbook of Your ProductsDevelop a detailed digital showcase of your offerings, enriched with videos and testimonials, to engage leads post-event.
Offer Limited-Time Discounts to AttendeesProvide exclusive post-event offers to attendees to drive urgency in sales.
Include Your Social Media Information in Your MaterialsEmbed all promotional materials with your social media details to foster deeper connections and long-term engagement.
Make Your Social Media Interesting and Fun!Foster active engagement on social platforms with engaging posts, booth pictures, and interactive content.
Link to Photos of Your Booth on Your WebsiteCreate a dedicated page on your website to showcase booth activities and experiences, giving visitors a comprehensive view of your trade show participation.
Ask People If They'd Like to Receive Your Newsletter or Other Free InformationCultivate longer-term relationships by collecting contact details for newsletters or further information, ensuring continuous touchpoints with attendees post-event.
Continue the Conversation on Platforms Like LinkedInTransition trade show connections to professional social networks like LinkedIn, allowing for continued conversations and relationship building.
Offer Exclusive Post-Trade Show WebinarsDive deeper into product or service discussions, offering a more detailed perspective and continued engagement opportunities for interested attendees.
Create a Post-Trade Show Recap VideoDevelop a visual summary of the trade show experience, emphasizing key products, testimonials, and thank-yous, then share on multiple platforms for maximum reach.
Host Follow-Up EventsOrganize exclusive events for leads to foster deeper connections and offer a more detailed look at your offerings outside the bustling trade show environment.


A project champion greatly reduces the likelihood of project failure. On the front lines of any project, and in direct communication with the entire team at all times, the project champion is the protector of a project. A critical sentry devoted to delivering a victorious project that thrills management.

Once one project or stage is complete, the project champion leaps into action to get the next one rolling – a hero in the lifecycle of project management.

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