What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

They might be nerve-wracking and tensely-awaited but presentations are a vital and often unavoidable part of the business world. Quality, successful presentations can be the key to winning new clients, promoting brand appeal and ultimately growing a business. But how do businesses get crucial presentations right?

Enter Prezi, a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional presentation programs, such as PowerPoint, which focuses predominantly on slides.

What is Prezi?

Rather than using slides, Prezi utilizes a large canvas on which users can zoom in and out to specific parts to emphasize text, visual content and ideas. As well as supporting text and images, the Prezi platform supports the use of video.

For businesses that are new to Prezi, the program provides a collection of templates for users to choose from, so they can navigate the system with ease and get familiarized with the interface.

With Prezi’s drag and drop interface, it is easy to create timelines to show historical references and chronological data. The canvas-based presentation tool makes it easy to create diagrams to show and highlight specific information and data.

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

Nurturing Collaboration

With co-editing and collaborative features, the Prezi platform supports real-time collaboration, enabling different members of your team to communicate with each other directly from their prezis, regardless of where they are located.

With presentations stored in the cloud, different team members, employees and clients can have access to the presentations and open, edit or link to them from a single, shareable location.

You can even integrate Prezi with Slack to enhance collaboration with the presentations and build a community channel designed to improve business productivity.

Remote Presenting

With more and more small business teams working from remote locations and communicating with colleagues, customers and clients via telecommunication methods, having a presentation platform that enables you to host remote presentations makes shrewd business sense.

With the Prezi tool, you can hold remote presentations seamlessly, which can be presented and viewed in HD without having to use screen sharing software.

Prezi Analytics

One challenge of delivering business presentations is knowing how the performances have been received by their audience, in other words gauging an understanding of how effective a presentation is.

Such challenges can be overcome with Prezi and the tool provides real-time analytics which provide businesses with feedback designed to put organizations in a better position to determine which topics and parts of the presentation resonated with their audience and what needs to be improved on. This feedback can be particularly beneficial to small businesses in helping them fine-tune their presentation delivery.

Features of PreziDescription
Canvas-Based PresentationPrezi utilizes a canvas instead of traditional slides, allowing users to zoom in and out to emphasize text, visuals, and ideas. It supports text, images, and video content, fostering dynamic presentations.
Templates for Easy StartPrezi offers a collection of templates for new users, making it easy to navigate the platform and become familiar with the interface. Templates enhance the creation process and streamline design.
Drag and Drop InterfaceWith Prezi's drag and drop interface, users can effortlessly create timelines to showcase historical references and chronological data. The platform also simplifies diagram creation for highlighting specific information and data.
Real-Time CollaborationPrezi supports co-editing and collaborative features, enabling team members to communicate directly within their presentations, regardless of their locations. This promotes seamless teamwork and enhances productivity.
Cloud-Based StoragePresentations are stored in the cloud, providing accessibility for team members, employees, and clients. They can access, open, edit, and link to presentations from a single, shareable location, ensuring efficient sharing and collaboration.
Integration with SlackPrezi integrates with Slack, creating a dedicated channel for enhanced collaboration with presentations. This integration fosters improved business productivity and communication.
Seamless Remote PresentingIn the era of remote work, Prezi enables seamless remote presentations, offering high-definition viewing without the need for screen sharing software. It supports effective communication with remote teams and clients.
Real-Time AnalyticsPrezi's real-time analytics provide feedback on presentation performance, allowing businesses to gauge audience engagement and identify areas for improvement. These insights are invaluable for fine-tuning presentation delivery.

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

Which Businesses Is Prezi Right For?

There are of course certain industries and professionals that have a particularly high use of presentations in order to sell their products or services and grow their brand. Such industries and professions include:

  • Sales
  • Training and leadership
  • HR
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Thought leadership
  • Teaching and academics
  • Consulting
  • Executive level
  • Legal

That said, if your small business regularly conducts presentations, then the Prezi platform could prove a pivotal asset in improving the performance and success of your presentations.

PowerPoint may have made presenting easier and more efficient, but company PowerPoint presentations can be all too routine and even mundane.

With Prezi you can inject some color, life and individuality into your presentations and reap the business benefits such informative, successful and collaborative presentations bring to small businesses wanting to nurture growth.

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

Mastering the Art of Prezi Presentations

Now that we’ve introduced the power of Prezi, let’s delve deeper into strategies for creating impactful presentations with this innovative tool. Here’s how to master the art of Prezi presentations:

  • Embrace Nonlinear Storytelling: Prezi’s canvas offers the freedom to break away from linear narratives. Use this to your advantage by crafting presentations that allow your audience to explore content organically. Guide them through a journey that keeps them engaged and curious.
  • Visual Consistency: Maintain visual consistency throughout your Prezi presentation. Choose a color palette, fonts, and design elements that align with your brand’s identity. Consistency enhances professionalism and reinforces brand recognition.
  • Engage with Zooming: One of Prezi’s distinctive features is zooming. Use it strategically to zoom in on key points, emphasizing details and data. Zooming out can provide context or reveal the bigger picture. Keep your audience visually engaged with well-timed zooms.
  • Storyboard Your Prezi: Before diving into the canvas, create a storyboard or outline. Define the main points, transitions, and the order in which you’ll present them. This planning stage helps ensure your Prezi flows smoothly and logically.
  • Use Images and Visuals Effectively: Prezi’s canvas allows for rich visual content. Incorporate high-quality images, graphics, and videos that support your narrative. Visuals should enhance understanding and evoke emotions.
  • Keep It Concise: While Prezi offers flexibility, avoid overwhelming your audience with too much content on a single canvas. Maintain clarity and conciseness. Each canvas or zoomed-in section should focus on one key idea.
  • Test Your Prezi: Before presenting to your target audience, test your Prezi with a smaller group or colleagues. Ensure that all zooms, transitions, and embedded content work seamlessly. Address any technical issues in advance.
  • Engage with Audience Interaction: Leverage Prezi’s interactive features. Use clickable paths or buttons to allow your audience to navigate the presentation at their pace or answer polls and quizzes to boost engagement.
  • Storytelling is Key: Just like in traditional presentations, storytelling remains essential. Craft a compelling narrative that captures your audience’s attention, holds their interest, and conveys your message effectively.
  • Practice and Rehearse: Rehearse your Prezi presentation multiple times to become comfortable with the flow and transitions. Practice helps you deliver a confident and engaging presentation.
  • Gather Feedback: After each presentation, gather feedback from your audience. Understand what resonated with them and what could be improved. Continuously refine your Prezi skills based on insights.
  • Explore Advanced Features: As you become proficient with Prezi, explore advanced features such as custom animations, 3D backgrounds, and more. These can add layers of depth and creativity to your presentations.
Strategies for Mastering Prezi PresentationsDescription
Embrace Nonlinear StorytellingUtilize Prezi's canvas to create nonlinear narratives that allow the audience to explore content organically. Craft engaging journeys that maintain audience curiosity and engagement.
Visual ConsistencyMaintain visual consistency in your Prezi presentation by selecting a consistent color palette, fonts, and design elements that align with your brand's identity. Consistency enhances professionalism and reinforces brand recognition.
Engage with ZoomingLeverage Prezi's zooming feature strategically to emphasize key points, details, and data. Well-timed zooms in and out can provide context and keep the audience visually engaged throughout the presentation.
Storyboard Your PreziBefore creating your Prezi, develop a storyboard or outline that defines the main points, transitions, and the presentation's logical flow. This planning stage ensures that your Prezi flows smoothly and coherently.
Use Images and Visuals EffectivelyExploit Prezi's canvas to incorporate high-quality images, graphics, and videos that enhance your narrative. Visual elements should not only facilitate understanding but also evoke emotions and engagement from the audience.
Keep It ConciseAvoid overwhelming your audience with excessive content on a single canvas. Maintain clarity and conciseness, focusing each canvas or zoomed-in section on a single key idea or point.
Test Your PreziPrior to presenting to your target audience, conduct testing with a smaller group or colleagues to ensure all zooms, transitions, and embedded content work seamlessly. Address any technical issues in advance to ensure a smooth presentation.
Engage with Audience InteractionUtilize Prezi's interactive features, including clickable paths and buttons, to enable your audience to navigate the presentation at their own pace. Implement polls and quizzes to boost audience engagement and participation during the presentation.
Storytelling is KeyCraft a compelling narrative that captures your audience's attention, maintains their interest, and effectively conveys your message. Storytelling remains a crucial element in Prezi presentations, just as it does in traditional presentations.
Practice and RehearseRehearse your Prezi presentation multiple times to become comfortable with the flow, transitions, and timing. Practice enhances your ability to deliver a confident and engaging presentation that captivates your audience effectively.
Gather FeedbackAfter each presentation, collect feedback from your audience to understand what aspects resonated with them and identify areas for improvement. Continuously refine your Prezi skills based on these valuable insights to enhance future presentations.
Explore Advanced FeaturesAs you become proficient with Prezi, explore advanced features such as custom animations, 3D backgrounds, and more. These features add depth and creativity to your presentations, allowing you to create visually captivating and engaging content.

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

Creating Impactful Prezi Presentations

Crafting impactful Prezi presentations involves a strategic approach to content creation, design, and delivery. Here’s a focused guide to help you create presentations that leave a lasting impression:

  • Audience-Centric Content: Understand your audience’s needs, expectations, and interests. Tailor your Prezi presentation to address their pain points and deliver valuable insights.
  • Clear Storyline: Develop a clear and compelling storyline that flows seamlessly from one point to the next. Ensure that each element contributes to the overall narrative.
  • Visual Hierarchy: Use visual hierarchy techniques to guide the viewer’s attention. Employ size, color, and positioning to emphasize key points and maintain a cohesive visual flow.
  • Interactive Elements: Leverage Prezi’s interactive features like clickable paths, embedded surveys, and audience polls to engage your viewers actively.
  • Relevant Multimedia: Incorporate multimedia elements judiciously. Use videos, images, and graphics that enhance understanding and support your message.
  • Practice and Timing: Rehearse your presentation to ensure a smooth and well-paced delivery. Practice zooming in and out to create a dynamic experience without disruptions.
  • Feedback Loop: Seek feedback from colleagues or mentors to refine your Prezi. Fresh perspectives can help identify areas for improvement.
  • Simplicity is Key: Avoid overcrowding your canvas with too much information. Keep it clean and focused, allowing your audience to digest the content easily.
  • Transitions with Purpose: Use transitions sparingly and with purpose. Avoid overly flashy effects that can distract from the message.
  • Engage with Narration: If presenting remotely, consider adding a voiceover or live narration to guide viewers through your Prezi.
  • Accessibility Considerations: Ensure that your Prezi is accessible to all viewers, including those with disabilities. Use alt text for images and ensure proper contrast for readability.
  • Mobile Optimization: As many viewers may access your Prezi on mobile devices, optimize your presentation for mobile-friendly viewing.
  • Continual Improvement: After each presentation, assess the impact and gather feedback. Use these insights to refine future Prezi creations.


In the ever-evolving landscape of business presentations, Prezi emerges as a dynamic ally, offering the potential to transform your presentations from routine to remarkable. Its canvas-based approach, multimedia integration, and interactive features provide a platform for creativity and engagement.

With the ability to craft nonlinear narratives, maintain visual consistency, and foster real-time collaboration, Prezi empowers you to deliver presentations that resonate with your audience. It’s a tool for not just conveying information but for telling compelling stories, sparking discussions, and leaving a lasting impact.

As remote presentations become the norm, Prezi’s seamless remote presenting capabilities ensure that your message transcends physical boundaries, reaching and captivating a global audience.

The real-time analytics offered by Prezi grant you invaluable insights into audience reception, allowing you to continually refine and enhance your presentation skills.

In a world where presentations are an essential part of various industries and professions, Prezi proves itself to be an asset, not just for enhancing your presentations but for nurturing business growth and success.

So, whether you’re in sales, marketing, education, or any field that demands effective communication, Prezi offers the means to inject color, life, and individuality into your presentations. Embrace Prezi, master its art, and watch as your presentations evolve into engaging, impactful, and memorable experiences.

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