What is Your Facebook Response Really Telling You?

Facebook is a major marketing and networking tool for small business, so the effectiveness of this tool is always being questioned, it seems. Facebook can help you powerfully leverage your social media following when used effectively. Here are some steps you can take in that direction.

Facebook Results

How is Facebook branding working for you? Lots of people are on Facebook, but how many “like” branded Websites? If you use Facebook to market your small business, you may want to check out these statistics and see how and why engagement on Facebook really works. MarketingProfs

What is your Facebook response really telling you? Why are Facebook users “liking” your page or Facebook comment. As it happens, there are many potential reasons you may get Facebook’s most famous form of engagement. What do the motives of these Facebook users tell you about how you may want to use the site effectively for your business? Crowd Science

Tools & Tips

Software company builds Facebook for small business. Jive Software is building technology that gives SMBs the power to create social networks of their own. Do you think you could benefit from the tools? How is your small business using social networking today? Inc.com

How to leverage Facebook fans for business. Your Facebook and other social media followers are engaging with you regularly. Why not reach out to them as a way of building your business? Trying to figure our what the next step should be for your small business? Your Facebook community may have the answer. Entrepreneur

Rules of Engagement

How to engage your customers on Facebook. It isn’t as hard as you may think. Reaching out to your Facebook friends is a critical part of using the social site for your small business’s benefit. How do you engage your potential customers using this tool, and what steps should you take to do so effectively? Small Business Trends

How to dominate on Facebook. No matter what you might think of Facebook or its potential, it’s clear that Facebook has become a major marketing tool and that a Facebook presence is almost mandatory for small businesses today. Wouldn’t you like to make sure your small business is represented in the best way possible? The Rise to the Top

Social Innovations

How friendly is your Facebook page? Here are five tips that will make your page better and bring in more members. These tips will help you make a site that is friendlier, engaging your members on a regular basis and making them want to return again and again. Quantum Marketer

New Facebook feature offers insights. Facebook is changing its analytics, first replacing its older “insights” feature with a new version and then killing off the older version as of December 15. Are you using the new insights? All Facebook

Facebook Marketing

More about Facebook for small business. As small businesses prepare for the new year, it’s time to take another look at Facebook as a marketing and networking tool. If you aren’t using this site fully or to the capacity it could be used for your business, here is a fresh new look. Community Voices

Success story shows tie-in with social media. There are plenty of examples of how social media can boost your marketing efforts. Facebook and other sites can be used in concert to create a unified message and community for your business. Here are some simple methods to be learned from another company’s success. The MarketM8 Blog

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