In the News: Learn What Motivates Your Millennial Employees

In the News: Learn What Motivates Your Millennial Employees

Is starting a business right for you? This is what our CEO and Founder, Anita Campbell asks in this week’s entrepreneur quiz. And as part of our weekly roundup, it is in the Startup section. After that, you can take a look at the other big news for the week.

For example, you’ll learn more about the basic motivations of your Millennial employees — if you have them. Plus you’ll learn about new funding options for women entrepreneurs and how technology is changing how your small business can get green certified.

Are you losing sleep over your small business? If so, you’re certainly NOT alone. Fortunately, there are some tips to help you out!

You’ll also get some holiday marketing tips in time for the season and read about some Holiday marketing tools rolled out by Facebook.

You’ll also learn what consumers really think about small businesses, what kind of boost small businesses can expect from their larger corporate clients, which reatailers are closing for Thanksgiving — and what it mean to you.

Take our quiz then read the rest of the Small Business Trends roundup below.


Entrepreneur Quiz: Is Starting a Business Right for You?

Do you have an entrepreneur personality? Do you have the right mindset and leadership style?  This personality quiz helps you see how well you fit into entrepreneurship and whether starting a business is right for you. Scroll down to take our simple entrepreneur quiz and see! Psychology of the Entrepreneur People often wonder if they would be successful as an entrepreneur.


63% of Millennials Work Most for Travel Money

Just what exactly motivates you to work? According to the July 2019 FlexJobs survey, for 63% of millennials, the desire to travel is the primary reason. This data comes from a survey of more than 1,600 millennials, which looks to find out flexible work behaviors among this demographic. The issue of flexible work is one that is extremely important for millennials.


Kabbage Executive Shares New Funding Options for Women Business Owners

Nearly 12 million women own businesses around the country. But those businesses don’t always receive the funding they need. In fact, only 15 percent of women-owned firms raise at least $100,000 in funding. Compare this to 28 percent of male-owned businesses.

Green Business

New Online Apps Certify Green Business Initiatives

Two new apps are providing online green business certifications. The company behind them is The Green Business Bureau (GBB). As a result, small businesses can manage, certify and prioritize environmentally friendly practices with them. Small Business Trends contacted to Bill Zujewski, CMO of GBB, to learn how SMBs can use these tools.


Are You Losing Sleep Over Your Business?

So you’ve recently started a business. Or you’re considering starting one. You might already feel the encroaching creep of sleep deprivation. Entrepreneurs frequently find themselves getting fewer hours of sleep or lower quality sleep than the general population, and certainly less than they truly need.

Marketing Tips

Tips for Holiday Marketing from the Pros, Read On

It’s time to amp up and adjust our marketing strategies for the holidays! If you want to get ahead of the marketing game and stand out from the crowd, check out these incredible unicorn tips from the top social media marketing experts.


91% of Customers Prefer Small Businesses When Convenient

Tailored offerings and great customer service allow Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to forge deeper personal relationships with customers, according to a survey conducted by Zendesk.

Retail Trends

Retailers Will Close on Thanksgiving Spelling Good News for Small Business

Want some good news for the holidays? Small business owners should be happy to hear that many major retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving Day — a trend that could help level the playing field between large and small retailers that typically close their doors on Thanksgiving Day to be with their families.


81% of Businesses See Revenue Boost From Corporate Contracts over Next 5 Years

A whopping 81% of businesses predict a boost in sales from large corporations over the next five years, according to a survey by American Express. The survey of small and midsize business suppliers found that 50% of respondents anticipate revenue increases by 50% or more from contracts with large corporations with over $1 billion in revenue.

Social Media

Facebook Rolls Out Holiday Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Facebook recently hosted a global training program designed to help small businesses gear up for the upcoming holiday season. Boost with Facebook Holiday Bootcamp was held October 10. The social media giant also used the event to make a number of announcements about new small business Facebook holiday marketing tools and solutions.


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