What’s Your Annual Marketing Plan for the New Year?

The new year is almost upon us. What are your plans? A new plan for the new year with its new opportunities ahead may be in order. Here are some things you may wish to take into consideration.


Your annual marketing plan for the New Year. Ring in the New Year by creating a new marketing plan. What’s on your agenda? What are you planning to do with your business in the coming year? Small Business Marketing Tools

Protecting your small business site from phisher attacks. Large or small, your business Website can be susceptible to online attacks. Fortunately there are protections for even the smallest Webpreneurs. Noobpreneur.com


How is the sales process like finding your way? David Brock imagines a scenario in which you land in an unknown city and must find your way without a GPS. This is like the sales process. How can you help your customers find their way? Partners in Excellence

Deconstructing direct mail. Josh Grillo does a post mortem of a direct sales letter to give you a look at what your own direct mail marketing should look like. How effective are your sales letters and how could you make them work better? Dirty Marketing Secrets


How truthful is your brand? Some people may not consider truthfulness in branding important, but chances are your customers will. Here’s a debate on the topic arguing for a better way. Tweak Your Biz


Online sales tax plan could hurt small business. Amazon supports a plan that would have online retailers scrambling to collect tax for appropriate states and other municipalities, but small business online retailers say the plan is not fair to them. WSJ

The case for crowd-funding. Raising money for small business has always been challenging. Now there’s a new method that’s getting a lot of attention and seems to be a hot news trend. What is it and how can your business get involved? You’re the Boss


Seven things your startup must know to survive. Startups have always involved risk, it’s true, but perhaps never quite the kind they face today. The small business startup faces an environment much different than what entrepreneurs have been used to in the past. How will you cope? Startup Professionals Musings

The path every small business leader must avoid. This is not the way to run a small business with employees. In fact, if you follow the scenario laid out here, you will most probably loose your best people in the process. Be warned. Your company can only be as good as your leadership. Expert Business Advice

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