When Will You Start Your Business?

There’s no time like the present to start your business. Don’t be stopped by all the doubts or all the delays life seems to put in your way. Here’s a look at how to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

First Steps

What are you waiting for? There are many reasons not to start a business. Perhaps you feel you don’t have the money, talent or time to pull it off. Take a look at this post and the steps needed to get you started toward your dream of being an entrepreneur. Inc.com

Contests & Resources

Need some business cards? Participate in our latest contest. Yes, Small Business Trends has teamed up with MOO, maker of premier art design cards, for a contest that could allow you to remake your business image free! Small Business Trends

What channel should I use? You probably know the value of social media to grow your business. Now the question is what social media channel/channels to use. Should it be Facebook, Twitter…or how about newcomer, Pinterest? Join us for a live Facebook chat from our sister site BizSugar.com this morning at 11 a.m. EST to learn more. BizSugar Blog

Tricks of the Trade

How to build a following? Perhaps the most important component about starting a business today is that your business should be able to develop a following. This is especially true in the online world. Want to learn more? Watch the video! Bloomberg Businessweek

How to get lucky! Well, not really. In fact, this post argues that many entrepreneurs make their own luck by a series of practices that improve their odds over time. If you want to learn more about how to improve your “luck,” you’ll want to check them out. CreateHype

Business Education

Give kids an entrepreneurial edge. If we want to encourage more entrepreneurship, small business creation and ownership, it’s never too early to start. Here’s a post about a program designed to give kids an entrepreneurial spark. Planting Money Seeds

Taking advantage of your leads. It’s happened to all of us, those hot leads that have gone cold. They could represent new sales to your business, but how can you better capitalize on these opportunities. Leap TV

Sound Sales Advice

The ABC approach to sales. As you developing the sales efforts for your new small business, you’re bound to come across a few old chestnuts like this one. A few sales veterans weigh in on the “always be closing” doctrine. Sales Practice

Business Ideas

Business ideas from Anita Campbell. In this guest post, Small Business Trends founder Anita Campbell spells out some of the very basic categories the best business ideas can be found. Can you find your idea in this list? Build A Little Biz

Thinking big while planning small. Just because you’re starting a small business doesn’t mean you have to keep your thinking small. In fact, big businesses and big ideas can be a huge inspiration to the little startup. Do you have big ideas? Open Forum

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