Where to Buy Cheap Office Supplies

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Office supplies aren’t cheap… or are they? Whether you’re starting a new business and need to build your inventory, or you simply need some supplies to restock your home or office, you probably want to get the best possible deals. Fortunately, there are plenty of trusted retailers and e-commerce platforms that offer inexpensive office supplies. Keep reading to find out where to buy cheap office supplies.

How to Choose the Best Cheap Office Supplies for Your Business

Are you looking for office essentials like sticky notes, pens and notebooks? Or maybe you’re looking for office storage solutions like filing cabinets and desk organizers or more substantial equipment like desks, chairs and printers. Either way, you’ll want to make sure you wisely choose your purchases to save money.

where to buy cheap office supplies


Before you choose the best cheap office supplies for your small business, consider the following:

Office Space

How much space do you have in your office to accommodate different items like office furniture and equipment? It’s important to consider your office space when choosing office supply items like desks and tables.

You’ll also want to consider your available space when selecting organizational and storage solutions since you not only need enough space for storage items, but enough storage items to organize your other supplies. Finally, don’t forget to consider the overall style of your office when choosing decorative supplies.


How much is your office supply budget, and what is the price of the supplies you consider buying? Before you complete an office supply order, make sure you can afford the supplies, and check to ensure you are getting the best available deals. Rushing to purchase the first items that you find fits your needs is a great way to overspend and blow your budget.

If your office supply budget can’t quite cover everything you need to keep your business running, you might consider a different store or supplier, or you might decide to purchase supplies from a company other than the top brands. Buying your office supplies in bulk is another great way to save money.


Small business owners also can save money on office supplies by purchasing high-quality goods. After all, you might initially save money on cheaper supplies, but if the quality is too low, you’ll end up spending more when you have to start frequently replacing them.

Even supplies as simple as pens and pencils can end up costing extra if you purchase low-quality items since they are used every day and the costs can add up quickly if they frequently break or run out of ink. Quality can make an even greater difference when buying essential but expensive office supplies like printers, since replacing inferior products costs even more.

How to Find Office Supplies for Cheap Prices

If your plan for finding cheap office supplies for your small business involves little more than selecting a single site and ordering whatever you think you need, you’re probably going to be disappointed when you don’t save money. Instead, employ a strategy to find office supplies at cheap prices, including the following tips:

  • Diversify – Don’t plan to buy all your office supplies from the same store or website. Instead, find the best supplies at the best prices from a variety of retailers and wholesale stores, depending on who is offering the best deals.
  • Plan – If you just start browsing the selection of office supplies and adding whatever looks good to your shopping cart, you’re going to end up spending too much money on items you might not really need. Instead, evaluate your needs before you start shopping.
  • Research – It’s vital to strategically shop for office supplies if you want to save money. Look at what prices different supply items are offered by different sellers, then select the best prices for the highest quality from a variety of sources. Don’t forget to research shipping costs, since it saves no money to find a slightly lower price at a retailer if you pay even more for shipping your order.
  • Adapt – If you find that you can’t fulfill all your office supply needs within your budget, remain flexible and look for alternative solutions that cost less. For example, you might need to cut down on breakroom supplies or select a more affordable solution to store important paperwork.

Where to Get Cheap Office Supplies

1. Amazon – Perfect for Desk Accessories

It’s no secret that Amazon is one of the world’s leading online retailers, and customers can order practically anything from the e-commerce giant, including a plethora of cheap office essentials. Amazon even offers a deals section of its office supplies and electronics department. Plus, Amazon Prime members receive free 2-day shipping on most purchases.

2. FedEx Office – Best for Mailing Supplies

At FedEx Office, customers can find many more office supplies than merely the brand’s shipping and printing services. Small business owners can use FedEx’s convenient online and in-store tools to create, edit and order custom business cards, stamps, posters, brochures, canvas prints and many more supplies needed to keep an office running like a well-oiled machine. Other services provided by FedEx Office include copying, printing, document shredding, faxing, scanning and even computer rentals.

3. Office Depot Office Max

Office Depot Office Max is an established brand and trusted source for affordable office supplies. While many business owners still enjoy visiting their nearest retail store to stock up on needed supplies like file folders, pens, paper and planners, they now can efficiently find everything they need at a glance on the Office Depot Office Max website, which even has a designated deals section and coupons for exclusive savings. Customers also benefit from free shipping on qualifying orders.

4. Staples

Not only does Staples offer great deals on office supplies at its retail stores, but its online shopping site features a “Shop Deals” option featuring daily deals, coupons and clearance items. There, customers often can save between 30% and 50% when they stock up on popular office supplies like calendars, tape, envelopes, sticky notes, and markers. Staples is also known for its great selection of office basics like chairs, binders and laptops.

5. eBay

Small business owners can find great deals on a huge selection of office supplies by shopping on eBay. Supply options like calendars, desk accessories, binding options, labels, paper products, bulk blank media and writing utensils are available from tons of independent suppliers selling on eBay, including many top brands. eBay customers stocking up on office equipment and supplies enjoy free shipping on many items for sale, as well as a secure online shopping experience.

6. Target

The famous retailer is an excellent place to find great deals on office supplies as well as some of the best back-to-school selections. Shoppers also love that Target partners with popular brands like Brit + Co to create one-of-a-kind planners and calendars. Customers can shop at a local Target store or the brand’s website to find essential stationery and office supplies, including packing and mailing supplies, and while there they can purchase a cool outfit to wear in the workplace. Target shoppers can choose from same-day delivery, drive-up or order pickup, and they enjoy free shipping.

7. Office Furniture 2Go

Every organization needs the proper office furniture to create a functional workplace. Office Furniture 2Go is a popular site for affordable desks, tables, chairs, and creative storage solutions to outfit any office space. This merchant also sells everything needed to create a productive home office. Office Furniture 2Go even offers a lowest-price guarantee on its discount office furniture. Customers enjoy free shipping and a lifetime warranty on any office furniture bought from the site.

8. Best Buy

Customers long have considered Best Buy a trusted source for electronic office equipment like computers, printers, and ink. Many prefer to shop at a local Best Buy store so they can physically browse through the selection when choosing the perfect supplies, but others like shopping on the company’s website for features like the deal of the day and the Best Buy Outlet, where they can save even more money. Best Buy offers in-store pickup and curbside pickup from its stores, in addition to shipping. Plus, Best Buy rewards members earn points towards 5% off on future purchases.

9. OfficeSupply.com

Customers can find office supplies at ridiculously low prices from OfficeSupply.com. The online merchant offers everything from paper to K-cups for small business owners stocking up on needed supplies. On top of its low prices, OfficeSupply.com discounts orders by an additional $10 to $30, depending on the purchase amount. The site also features sale items, coupons, clearance deals and even weekly deals. Orders of $45 or more qualify for free shipping.

10. Quill

It might not be one of the leading sources of office supplies, but Quill satisfies its customers with multiple ways to save and exemplary customer service. In addition to a coupon center and quantity discounts, the website features a rewards program and products from the Quill Family of Brands, which are priced less than national brands and backed by the company’s lifetime warranty. While shipping isn’t always free, Quill does run promotions offering free shipping with no minimum purchase.

11. Mead

Looking for binders and notebooks? Mead is one of the top brands and best websites to stock up on these as well as many other office supplies. Whether you’re shopping for calendars, dry-erase boards, the classic Trapper Keeper or the even more helpful Trapper Keeper planners, you’ll find options to match any personal style from Mead. Shoppers can even watch for special discounts like sales on holiday bundles of office supplies.

12. Gorilla Office Supplies

When prices matter, many shoppers choose Gorilla Office Supplies, which claims to smash the competition with deals on its huge selection of brand-name and value-brand office products. Gorilla Office Supplies prides itself on its customer service and easy returns when customers shop from its web page, and its products include everything from basic office supplies like folders and paper to furniture, ink and technology. Plus, Gorilla Office Supplies offers fast and free shipping on orders totaling $50 or more.

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