40 Wholesale Food Suppliers to Feed Your Customers

wholesale food suppliers

Wholesale food distributors are important in the food supply chain. These suppliers should provide enough of the best quality products. That includes specialty foods, dairy, desserts, produce, meat and dry goods to name a few.

What is a Wholesale Food Supplier?

Wholesale food suppliers include distributors of food products and beverages. They are manufacturers, processors, and growers. These are the companies that sell to retailers. And other places like restaurants, bakeries, and bars.

These products are bought at discount prices in large quantities. Then, they are marked up and sold individually to the public.

How You Could Use a Food Service for Your Business

Wholesale Food suppliers deliver products via truck. You can usually order over the phone, online or through an app. Retailers and restaurants get a large selection. Plus they are dealing with a centralized source for different goods.

Here are five different ways a small business could use a wholesale food supplier.

  1. Take advantage of Local Markets. Farmers are selling more and more at local food markets. This means chefs can shop and get high quality food that’s handpicked.
  2. Some national suppliers offer equipment. A top-notch distributor can also carry kitchen wares and other types of equipment.
  3. They can supply organics. Organic farming uses less chemicals and fertilizers. This kind of food service provides organic livestock with no antibiotics. Plus animals are kept in better habitats.
  4. They can supply beverages. These types of food services range from national brands down to local suppliers. For example, say you want a good selection of craft beer. You’ll need to work with several breweries in the foodservice industry. A good wine supplier will have a portfolio that you can look through.
  5. They can specialize. You might be looking for specialty foods like Asian cuisine. Some suppliers will focus on fresh meats and frozen seafood from a certain area.

Businesses that Would Benefit from Wholesale Food Suppliers

Here are the top 15 businesses that benefit from wholesale food distributors.

  1. Retail Stores. These businesses need a wide variety of products. And even accessories like PoS systems from a wholesaler.
  2. Grocery Stores. These are defined as a stores that sells household supplies and food.
  3. Restaurants. They need wholesale food distributors with low prices. For equipment, packaged foods and catering supplies.
  4. Convenience Stores. These stores offer different quality products. From canned food to condiments and even spices.
  5. Food Based Super Stores. These are bigger than supermarkets. They offer customers food and other items.
  6. Big Box Stores are part of a bigger chain usually. Bulk supplies they need include merchandise and foods.
  7. Diners. Small players in the foodservice business, diners provide customers unique menu choices.
  8. Multi Carrier Dealers. These are ecommerce stores and other food distributors that use multi carrier shipping software. They get quicker deliveries at a lower cost.
  9. Food Trucks. These mobile food services use wholesalers. Here’s some wholesale kitchen equipment.
  10. Warehouse Clubs. These are like the supercenters you shop at. However, you need a membership to these warehouse clubs.
  11. Caterers. This kind of business needs a good selection of fresh meats and snacks. And carafes as well as other items like steak knives they can order online.
  12. Distribution Centers. These are the buildings that stock products and goods that go to resellers and customers.
  13. Food Cooperatives. These are foodservice stores owned by the shoppers.
  14. Whole Food Markets. This is a USDA certified organic grocer. A global leader in the foodservice industry.
  15. Supermarket Chain Stores. The biggest of these in the foodservice business is 7Eleven. It has 46, 000 stores in 16 countries.

Best Wholesale Food Suppliers for Restaurants

A restaurant needs everything from bulk meats to fresh condiments and other supplies like canned foods. Here are some of the best foodservice distributors in that space.

1. Sysco

Sysco offers different foods to a variety of restaurant types. This food service company has customers in 90 different locations globally. That includes governments, higher education facilities and restaurants. Health care and senior living facilities are other customers.

2. Gordon Food service

These are food distributors that look after hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Gordon Food Service offers different food like fresh produce and meats as well as seafood. Startups can save time by shopping here since they carry cooking tools and kitchen supplies. Plus these culinary partners carry thousands of national brands.

3. Dot Foods

Dot Foods delivers to clients in 50 states in as quickly as two days. Look over everything in their distribution centers through PDF lists or their search tool.

4. Reinhart Foodservice

This company focuses on distributing food products ranging from dairy and seafood to dry groceries and more. They cater to several sectors like restaurants, hospitals, and schools. Reinhart Foodservice has locations in Chicago, Cincinnati and other locations.

5. F&A Food Sales

This food service business stresses their modern features. Like temperature controlled trailers and one of the bigger distribution centers.

Check out a list of their food and other products here.

6. McLane Foodservice

This is one of the largest suppliers and wholesale food companies in the US. They supply convenience stores, chain restaurant locations and others. Learn more about their supply chain solutions here.

Best Wholesale Coffee Suppliers

The best food distributors deal with beverages too. Here’s a list that can supply coffee to your restaurant.

7. CoffeeHouseExpress.com

This company can provide a restaurant with tea and coffee products. They offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. And they supply your office or home, plus the hospitality industry.

8. Coffee Wholesale USA

Your restaurant will get fresh wholesale coffee from this company. They also sell wholesale to the public.

9. Farmer Brothers

They specialize in the healthcare and hospitality industry. But this company supplies convenience stores, education facilities and your restaurant.

Best Wholesale Ice Cream Suppliers

Food distributors need to ship ice cream. So they need to have a good supply and the right equipment. Here are three top notch industry leaders.

10. Continental Ice Cream

This is a family owned company in this foodservice niche. They offer bulk ice cream, supplies and novelties.

11. Dutt & Wagner

These food distributors have everything from meat , eggs and poultry to deli meats and dinnerware. The company owns 1380 acres of land around Virginia. They offer retail ready packs for ice cream.

12. Frozen Dessert Supplies

They supply spoons, ice cream cups, utensils and other soup and food containers that your small business can fill. There’s a custom printing service available from these distributors.

Best Wholesale Food Suppliers for Convenience Stores and Other Food Stores

Another type of wholesale food service looks after other types of small businesses.

13. KeHE Distributors

There are 16 KeHE distribution centers across North America. They offer food and other items/services. Like making the most of any current trends.

14. McLane Foodservice

These food distributors offer high level services including third part supply chain management. And alcoholic beverages.

15. Eby-Brown Co.

Eby-Brown has a history that goes back over 120 years of supplying convenience stores. They have seven distribution centers and 2000 employee members. They offer a variety of foods and other services like analytics.

16. Core-Mark Holding Co

This company is a leading supplier to convenience stores. They offer refrigerated docs and dry temperature trailers as a few food service features. They also have 32 distribution centers with 22 divisions in America.

17. H.T. Hackney Co

This is one of the largest distributors in America. Their distribution centers stock over 25,000 products. The network covers 22 states.

18. Imperial/Harrison Supe, Elmwood

These food distributors carry thousands of supplies and national brands for convenience stores. In fact, they have over 8000 products including partnerships with 300 manufacturers. One of the bigger tea wholesale suppliers in America.

Best Wholesale Tea Suppliers

The best distribution centers also supply tea. Here’s a list of the top company names and that foodservice subcategory.

19. Elmwood Inn Fine Teas

A restaurant, healthcare facility or other company ca use this service. They offer back teas, green teas and others. The also have 100 bulk teas in resealable bags.

20. TeaSource

These distributors are located in Roseville, MN. The ship from their retail store or you can order online to use this service via USPS. These tea wholesale suppliers ship to Canada.

21. Divinitea

Located in New York, Divinitea offers over 150 unique blends. The products are available in wholesale and retail sizes.

Best Wholesale Chocolate Suppliers

Any food service you are considering for your restaurant should carry chocolate. Here’s a list of four distributor companies that should be investigated.

22. Super Wholesale USA

These food distributors are located in the Bronx. They offer a variety of items including chocolate. Orders placed before 2 PM Eastern Standard Time will be shipped on the same day.

23. Royal Wholesale

This company doesn’t have a series of distribution centers. Just one 25,000 square foot warehouse that’s climate controlled so you get high quality confectionery and chocolate.

24. Dream Chocolate.

Custom manufacturing and private label products are available.You can sign in as a wholesale customer or join here.

25. Landies Candies

If your restaurant is close to Buffalo New York, this company can help.Everything they sell is made in America.

Best Wholesale Candy Suppliers

Cheap wholesale candy suppliers are important for a restaurant, a convenience store, or a candy business. Here’s a few of these food distributors you need to look at.


You can shop by the different categories that include candy, lollipops, gum and mints to name a few.

27. Candy Favorites.com

This distributor has been in business since 1927.

28. Candy Warehouse

You can order bulk wrapped and bulk unwrapped candy. This company is located in Long Beach, California. They also have one of their distribution centers in Charlotte, NC.

Best Wholesale K Cups Suppliers

The lunchroom in your small business, an office or even a restaurant can use an account with a K Cup supplier. Here are four of the best of these beverage suppliers.

29. CoffeeWholesaleUSA

This distributor offers the most popular K-Cup packs. Use the drop down menu with an account.

30. NoltPak

NoltPak is family-owned and operated. They look after details like filters and cups as well as the lids and cases. Their private label services can help you promote your specific brand.

31. Coffee For Less

Offered here are K Cup pods sorted by brand and category. There are other coffee beverage supplies like brewers and accessories.

32. Door County

These distributors provide free shipping on orders over $ 49 dollars. Great for a smaller restaurant or diner as they roast and ship daily.

Best Wholesale Seafood Suppliers

Some small businesses like a Fish and Chip place need wholesale seafood suppliers. Here are three of the best to focus your search on.

33. Ocean Seafood Depot

They service the tri-state area with delivery six days a week. Fresh and frozen seafood is on the menu. These food distributors process daily.

34. Cena

This company supplies seafood products to be served in your pub, bar or restaurant. Some of their products like the frozen shrimp come precooked .

35. The Lobster Guy

These food distributors specialize in their namesake. They offer FedEx shipping for sea scallops, clam bakes and appetizers.

Where to Order Wholesale Baking Supplies

Wholesale baking supplies add to any restaurant menu. They can be sold in other settings like a bakery, cookie business, or even convenience store. See below for a list of top distributor companies.

36. Golden Barrel

This foodservice company has a menu of ingredients that include everything from molasses to organic products. They supply commercial and household kitchens.

37. Bakers Authority

Spices and seeds are on the menu here. And a lot of other items like conditioners and baking powders.

38. Avalon Deco Supplies

They are based in Glen Cove , NY. A small business can even get textured rolling pins and other items.

39.RoundEye Supply

This food service company has a comprehensive list of different supplies. They cover things like scales, boxes, and containers.

40. King Arthur

A wholesale baking supply company that’s 100% employee-owned.

Who is the best wholesale food supplier in America?

Restaurant Depot ranks number one. You can buy supplies and equipment online. And they are open seven days a week.

Who is the largest wholesale food distributor?

Sysco is the largest food service distributor in America. Here’s a list of their products.

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